High T Black falls firmly in the category of muscle growth focused testosterone supplements. And in that regard it's not bad, it's certainly not the best on the market by any stretch, and High T Black largely works with ingredients that aren't directly related to testosterone levels, but it will work as a workout supplement. 

It's not the most expensive supplement and falls firmly into the mid range, you will get a lot more out of supplements that cost about $10-15 a month more, especially if you're looking for a more comprehensive approach. But, if High T Black absolutely maxes out your budget you could do worse.

High T Black does also hide some of it's doses behind a proprietary blend, which means that they don't have to list the exact dosages and they can vary from bottle to bottle, although they must be listed in terms of largest to smallest so we can know that certain ingredients such as tribulus can't mathematically be within an effective dose range. We can however see that High T relies heavily on Fenugreek for it's testosterone boosting claims, and most other ingredients are supplemental for stress or energy such as Rhodolia and the high dose of caffeine.

The vitamin blend falls very short, missing some key test booster ingredients like Vit D or K2 and even underdoses zinc by around 10 times what most boosters use to keep it in the ideal dose range.

In short High T is OK, it's just not the best.

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What Is High T Black?

High T Black is a testosterone-boosting supplement created by KFM, a company known for producing high-quality supplements based on scientific research and expertise from professionals in the health and fitness industry. The formula of High T Black consists of 10 natural ingredients, each with different doses, that claim to boost and maintain testosterone levels.

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The supplement aims to reverse the negative symptoms of testosterone deficiency by utilizing ingredients like fenugreek, which has shown promising results in increasing testosterone production while improving libido and strength according to studies.  High T Black also promises to improve concentration, muscle strength, endurance, recovery, and energy levels, making it an enticing option for men looking to enhance their overall health and fitness. The problem is a lot of the ingredients don't really do much to boost testosterone, or to resolve the effects of low testosterone. As a result, the answer is yes, it could raise testsoterone levels a little bit, but there are much better options available.

High T Black leans more towards improving athletic performance rather than solely focusing on testosterone levels. If your primary goal is to boost testosterone, there are other supplements on the market with a more comprehensive ingredient profile that may be better suited to your needs.

High T Black Ingredients

Fenugreek - ​Fenugreek, a key ingredient in High T Black, has been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels. By stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), fenugreek helps boost testosterone release, leading to increased energy, improved muscle growth, and enhanced overall performance. Annoyingly due to the proprietary blend we can never be certain exactly how much is in each bottle, however, with it being the largest of 4 ingredients in a 900mg blend we can assume that it is very likely to be within the 200mg and thus effective range. [1]

Rhodiola Rosea - There's almost no evidnce that Rhodolia does anything to raise test levels outside of a couple of animal studies. And even if they're correct transfering the dosage to humans would leave rholdoia well outside what's needed. However, there is reasonable evidence for High T Black that it does improve energy, performance, and stress management. Which can help with working out and any mood issues with test. [2]

Caffeine Anhydrous - Boosts metabolism, increases calorie burning, and provides an energy boost. Note: High T Black also offers a caffeine-free version for those sensitive to caffeine. The main benefit to this is that it helps you work out better which is obviously beneficial if you're looking at High T Black for building lean muscle mass. [3]

Vaso6 - Increases nitric oxide levels and promotes better blood flow. Again this is another good workout ingredient for High T Black, and it's within the effective dosage range, it's just not a test boosting ingredient. [4]

Citrulline Malate - Improves blood flow, enhances exercise performance, and aids in muscle recovery. This is another NO booster, and once again there's a reasonable amount of evidence it can improve workout performance, but not a lot to suggest it benefits testosterone in any way. So another ingredient for High T Black that makes sense in context of building muscle mass or weight loss, but not great for it's claimed functions. [5]

Longjack - Enhances libido and sexual function, and may support testosterone levels. Although the evidence around testosterone production is quite shakey and with it's position in the proprietary blend it is unlikely for it to be present within an effective dosing range. [6]

Zinc - Essential for protein synthesis and testosterone production, although most other testosterone booster make sure to give you the full 15mg, this is the only case we've seen of a test booster giving 1.5mg, which isn't likely to do all much. The way zinc works is that supplementing even slightly deficient men has been shown to substantially raise testosterone levels. And zinc is a very common deficiency in over 50s. It's a good inclusion for High T Black, it's just a shame about the low dose. [7]

Vitamin B12 - Converts nutrients into energy, improves red blood cell health, and supports the immune system. This is fine, as is vitamin b6 as they do have some link to test, but these are pretty standard inclusions in most test boosters as they only take up a miniscule amount of capsule space and are cheap inclusions. Most notably there is a large correlation with b12 deficiencies and low serum testosterone levels. [8]

Vitamin B6 - Metabolizes proteins, increases growth hormone production, and strengthens the immune system and heart. [9]

Vitamin E - Powerful antioxidant that promotes overall health, immunity, and virility. Not really a vitamin we'd associate with a testosterone booster though. Vitamin D would've been far more useful and done more to improve workouts and improve energy levels. The large argument for vitamin e an testsoterone levels is that it can combat oxaditive stress (aka it's an antioxidant) and there is some evidence to suggest that without enough anti oxidants the testes can become damaged. However, there are better ways to get this benefit and vitamin e isn't particularly useful beyond the RDI and it's an incredibly rare deficiency. [10]

Tribulus Terrestris - Due to it's placement at the bottom of the proprietary blend this has to be the smallest ingredients in there, meaning that it couldn't possibly be more than 200mg and thus cannot be within even 25% of the amount required for the dose to be effective. [11]

Pros and Cons of High T Black


  • No proprietary blend: High T Black does not hide its ingredient list behind a proprietary blend, allowing consumers to know exactly what they are taking.
  • Testosterone boost and maintenance: The formula aims to increase and sustain testosterone levels, which can have various positive effects on men's health.
  • Promotes better energy and strength levels: High T Black's ingredients work together to enhance energy, motivation, and strength.


  • Poor ingredient pairing and variety: High T Black lacks a diverse range of ingredients that specifically support testosterone boosting and men's health.
  • Formula can't provide all claimed benefits: The composition of High T Black leans more towards improving athletic performance rather than directly addressing testosterone levels and related health issues.
  • Long-term use may be necessary, and effects may still be lacking: High T Black may require prolonged use to achieve desired results, and even then, the effects may not be as significant as with other testosterone booster supplements.

Side Effects of High T Black

High T Black contains natural ingredients, which should theoretically minimize the probability of side effects. However, some users have reported side effects related to the caffeine content in High T Black. Sensitive individuals may experience headaches, insomnia, jitters, chest pains, nausea, or an upset stomach. It's important for users to be aware of these potential side effects and monitor their body's response when taking the supplement.

High T Black Review Conclusion

While High T Black may have some potential benefits, it falls short in terms of ingredient variety and specifically targeting testosterone levels and men's health. It may be suitable for individuals looking to optimize physical capabilities, but it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking rapid muscle building or significant testosterone boosts.

For individuals looking for a testosterone booster that offers a wider range of benefits and ingredient variety, alternatives like Hunter Test, Prime Male, and TestoFuel are more comprehensive options to consider. 

These supplements have been formulated to address testosterone decline and provide holistic benefits to support men's health and fitness goals. 

And you can read more about them on and more on our best testosterone boosters list here.

In conclusion, while High T Black may have its merits, it falls short in comparison to other leading testosterone boosters in terms of efficacy, ingredient variety, and customer satisfaction. It's important to carefully consider your goals and choose a supplement that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Strength 4/5
Libido 3/5
Mood 3/5
Energy 4/5


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