TestoPrime is one of the most well known testosterone boosters on the market, and it's not terrible, but it really isn't great either. 

Whilst it contains some of the most well backed testosterone boosting ingredients, it underdoses it's most important ones. By more than 5x the bottom end of the effective range for Ashwagandha [1] and 4x below the range for panax ginseng [2]. Even with the marketing speak around the product that would suggest it was 10x stronger than other extracts, which simply isn't the case as the clinically studied versions were these stronger extracts. 

We don't want to spend all our time hating on TestoPrime as it does get a few things right, it covers off the key basis with vitamins and minerals and has DAA dosed within the effective range for boosting lean muscle growth, [3] but ultimately considering it's price point you'd be far better off with the similarly named Prime Male which does in fact dose these ingredients correctly, along with all of the correctly dosed ingredients in TestoPrime. And considering it's the same price, we tend to recommend that instead.

The customer reviews are a bit of a mixed bag, most of the negative reviews of TestoPrime are people complaining that they don't honor the money back guarantee, which means we can't add that as a plus point in the pros column later on. 

All in all TestoPrime is a mediocre test booster, with a premium price tag.

What Is TestoPrime?

TestoPrime is a testosterone supplement that claims to boost testosterone levels by up to 44%. Its unique blend of ingredients, including d-aspartic acid (D-AA), aims to deliver noticeable gains in physical strength, lean muscle mass, endurance, fat metabolism, weight loss, injury healing, task concentration, sleep, and libido. Additionally, TestoPrime promises a significant energy boost, even on mentally and physically exhausting days.

Does TestoPrime Work?

In short yes, it's a good testosterone boosting supplement, there are some seriously better options, but TestoPrime is OK. By promoting the natural production of testosterone, TestoPrime supports various body processes that rely on this hormone, including muscle growth, achieving a more sculpted physique, and enhancing overall athleticism. Additionally, TestoPrime inhibits the production of cortisol, the stress-related hormone, further contributing to improved physical performance and well-being.

TestoPrime Ingredients

Ashwagandha Extract 56mg - Let's start of with the bad, not that Ashwagandha is a bad ingredient, just that the dosage here is 5 times below the effective range. Ashwagandha extract, specifically the KSM-66 version, is a clinically-tested ingredient known for its ability to boost testosterone levels. It has been used in traditional medicine to improve libido and increase energy levels. Additionally, ashwagandha extract has been associated with higher metabolic rates, reduced cortisol levels (the stress hormone), and improved cognitive function. [1,4]

Panax Ginseng 50mg -  Panax ginseng is a widely recognized ingredient in traditional medicine. It is rich in antioxidants, which help eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation in the body. Ginseng has been shown to enhance libido, increase energy levels, reduce stress, and alleviate feelings of exhaustion. [2,5] 

Green Tea Extract 200mg - Green tea extract is known for its numerous health benefits. It contains catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which have been shown to aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and prevent chronic diseases. In TestoPrime, green tea extract plays a role in preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a process that can occur in higher percentages as men age. Although the evidence for this is sparce at best, it's generally an ingredient more suited for a weight loss supplement than a test booster. [6]

D-Aspartic Acid 2,000 mg - D-Aspartic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a crucial role in testosterone production. It stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which, in turn, promotes the production of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels are associated with weight loss, increased lean muscle mass, and improved overall well-being. This is a good dose of DAA and well within the effective range. [3,7]

Garlic Extract 16mg - Garlic extract is well-known for its various health benefits, including immune system support. In theory for TestoPrime, garlic extract contributes to metabolic benefits and has been linked to easier and faster weight loss. [8] The catch is simply that 16mg isn't going to do anything at all here.

Fenugreek 200 mg: Fenugreek is known for its ability to enhance libido, increase energy levels, and improve male sexual function. Additionally, fenugreek has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and boost metabolism, aiding in fat burning. [9] Fenugreek is one of the more well studied herbal testosterone boosting extrats and a good inclusion.

Pomegranate Extract 8mg - Pomegranate extract contains ellagic acid, which has been associated with improved energy levels, enhanced male drive, and reduced symptoms of fatigue. It also promotes healthy blood circulation and cellular function. Unfortunately the evidence for this is negligable at best, and the dosage wouldn't really do anything at all. This is a fluff ingredient for Testoprime. [10]

Zinc 40mg Zinc plays a crucial role in testosterone production. It helps inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estradiol, the main form of estrogen. TestoPrime contains more than enough zinc to support healthy testosterone levels. 40mg is well over the effective range, it's not going to do any harm, but you don't need more than than 15mg. The reason for this is that zinc definiency can and generally does cause low testosterone, but supplementing zinc beyond the RDI or in none deficient men has no effect. [11]

Black Pepper Extract 10mg - Black pepper extract contains piperine, which enhances the absorption rate of various substances in the body. By including black pepper extract in TestoPrime, the manufacturer ensures that the other ingredients are effectively absorbed, maximizing their benefits. [12]

Vitamin B5 - Vitamin B5, in the form of calcium pantothenate, supports energy production and fatty acid oxidation. It has been shown to aid in weight loss and maintaining healthy testosterone levels, particularly in men over 40. [13]

Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in testosterone production, reducing stress, and boosting energy levels. It also enhances cognitive function, making it a valuable addition to TestoPrime's formula.

Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 is essential for overall health and well-being. It supports bone density, immune system function, and mood regulation. Adequate levels of vitamin D3 are also important for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. It has also been shown to boost athletic performance (aka how well you do in the gym) increasing lean muscle mass growth rates. [14]

Pros and Cons of TestoPrime


  • Expands lean muscle mass and physical strength while speeding up injury healing.
  • Contains some good ingredients
  • Manufactured in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities in the UK and US.


  • Few individuals may achieve the high percentage gains in muscle strength and endurance that TestoPrime promises.
  • Many ingredients underdosed
  • Only available on the official website.

TestoPrime Review Conclusion

The short version is, TestoPrime is way too expensive for what it is, when you look at the likes of Prime Male which sit at the same price point and actually dose their ingredients correctly we can't recommend TestoPrime.

If it was evident that they actually honored their money back guarantee that would be different as we could recommend them on that basis alone, however, with that not being the case we'd say just get Prime Male instead, it will have similar effects to the ones promised by TestoPrime and actually uses the correct doses of the ingredients so you will get the effects TestoPrime promised.

Check Prime Male Deals

Strength DAA, Vit D 4/5
Libido under dosed 2.5/5
Mood under dosed 2/5
Energy DAA + Vitamins 4.5/5


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