RediMove is a natural joint support supplement that is designed to help people take care of their joints while being non GMO and gluten free. Produced in the USA in a GMP certified facility, they claim that it has been made with only five natural ingredients that have all been scientifically shown to aid the joints.

It is said to relieve joint discomfort and improve mobility while being very reasonably priced and housed in small, easy to swallow capsules. However, after doing our own review of the RediMove natural joint support supplement, it is clear that many of the claims the company make on their website are not true.

The RediMove formula consists of UC-II standardized cartilage, black pepper extract, and a proprietary blend of turmeric root extract, boswellia serrata extract, and MSM. It then does also contain a couple of other ingredients.

All of these ingredients have indeed been proven to help people who have an ache or pain in their knee or any other joint. Unfortunately, most are either present in dosages that are far too low to produce optimal effects or not combined with the other ingredients that they need to work effectively.

There is then also the fact that most of the ingredients are lumped into a single proprietary blend. This masks the dosage of each ingredient present, makes it impossible to review exactly how it will affect you, and is a tactic usually only used to try and disguise a low quality, ineffective supplement.

Admittedly, things like being non GMO, made with FDA approved ingredients, and having a low price per bottle will all seem quite attractive. However, when you combine the effects it will actually produce with its price tag, it is simply neither the most effective nor the best value product for you to try.

This is why we strongly suggest that you do not purchase RediMove and instead stick to other supplements that have actually been proven to help people stay pain free, such as FlexAgain.

RediMove Formula

RediMove Proprietary Blend - 300 MG

Turmeric Root Extract (Standardized To Produce 95% Curcuminoids)

Turmeric is a plant extract made from the roots of the curcuma longa plant. It has long been used in ayurvedic medicine and Asian food, due to its distinct peppery flavour and potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are produced because of the presence of a chemical called curcumin.

Curcumin will promote healthy joints by reducing inflammation, restoring joint function, and easing joint pain, especially in people with osteoarthritis, and making any other antioxidants that you consume more effective.

It can even combat anxiety and depression, reduce blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, protect the liver from toxins, promote fat and weight loss, prevent weight gain and help combat obesity.

The problem is, the health benefits of curcumin are only produced if you consume at least 500 mg per day. While we do not know exactly how much is present here, that is far more than the entire weight of the blend it is located in, so RediMove can't possibly contain enough curcumin to be of any use (1).

Boswellia Serrata 65% Extract (Standardized To Produce 65% Boswellic Acids)

Boswellia serrata extract is a type of gum or resin taken from frankincense trees found in India and the Punjab region of Pakistan. It has long been used in ayurvedic and many other types of traditional medicine around the world, primarily due to the joint support that it can provide (2).

Research shows that taking doses of at least 100 mg a day can help relieve joint discomfort, swelling, pain, and inflammation, treat most of the symptoms experienced by people suffering from arthritis or cartilage damage, and even ease swelling in various other parts of the human body, such as the brain.

It is possible that RediMove contains a dosage in this range, so it may be able to have some effect. Unfortunately, as the manufacturer has chosen to hide the dosage in a proprietary blend it is not possible to know for sure and makes it more likely than not than an insufficient dose has been used.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

MSM is a chemical that is found in a wide range of green vegetables, fruits, and plants, especially in things like broccoli, and it has an extremely high sulphur content. It is a very popular ingredient in joint supplements, as it has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This allows it to support joint health, provide pain relief, cure or reduce the symptoms of arthritis or another similar health condition, and prevent inflammation and oxidative damage and stress to both the joints and the rest of the body.

With MSM capable of having a positive effect when taken in doses as low as 50 mg a day, it is possible that RediMove contains enough to make a difference (3).

However, the proprietary blend again makes it unlikely and impossible to tell. MSM is also at its most effective when taken in pills that also contain chondroitin or glucosamine, neither of which are present in RediMove, so its effectiveness will be reduced even if enough is present.

UC-II Standardized Cartilage - 40 MG

UC-II standardized cartilage is a type of undenatured type ii collagen, which is what human bone, skin and connective tissue is made of. Found in fish and poultry, research suggests it can provide cartilage support, boost its production and elasticity, ease stiff knees, and provide joint pain relief (4).

There are two issues with how it has been used in RediMove though. Firstly, UC-II is considered to be one of the least effective types of collagen at producing these effects, so will not produce over the top improvement.

Secondly, while the 40 mg present can produce some of these effects, it is the minimum daily dose required to do so, so it will only produce a slight improvement, rather than leaving you pain free.

BioPerine Black Pepper Extract - 5 MG

Black pepper extract is added to many dietary supplements because it contains the alkaloid piperine, which is what gives pepper its pungent taste. While it will not provide joint pain or inflammation relief, it will improve the bioavailability of all of the other natural ingredients that a dietary supplement contains.

This will make everything in the pills much easier to absorb and far more effective. However, its benefits will not be noticed when taking RediMove, due to the way in which the manufacturer has used the ingredient, as you need to consume a minimum of 20 mg of black pepper extract a day for it to work (5).

This means the 5 mg present in one pill is far too low to be of any use. This is a particularly big issue in a natural joint support supplement like RediMove which contains turmeric as its main ingredient, as the body struggles to absorb and utilise it without a sufficient dose of a bioavailability enhancer present.

Other Ingredients

Vegetable Capsule

The vegetable capsule will be made from vegetable cellulose as is used solely to house the powder and make it easy to consume. It will not have any other effects, positive or negative.

Dicalcium Phosphate

Dicalcium phosphate contains the minerals calcium and phosphate and is used to boost the stability and texture of supplements. The miniscule amounts present here will not benefit your body in any way, but it is possible that the compound will cause some people to experience side effects.

Magnesium Stearate

Much like with dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate is also used to increase the bulk, stability, and texture of capsule supplements. It will again not provide any health benefits of its own but could lead to side effects developing in certain people.

RediMove Pros & Cons


  • Non GMO, gluten free, and each bottle is very reasonably priced
  • Has a small serving size
  • All of its ingredients have been proven to boost bone health and treat joint pain


  • Some of the ingredients are visibly present in doses that are too low to relieve pain
  • A proprietary blend has been used to mask the exact dosage of most of the ingredients
  • A number of ingredients will produce worse results when used without things not present here
  • Has an average review score of 3.8 out of 5 stars and many people noticed no improvement

RediMove Review Conclusion

RediMove claims to be a natural joint support supplement that can help to relieve knee pain in just two weeks. However, while its ingredients may slightly take the edge off of knee pain or the symptoms of an inflammatory disease, it just will not produce the kind of results that the company report it will.

From low ingredient doses, missing ingredients, and proprietary blends, to having users post reviews saying it did not relieve pain in their knee or anywhere else, even if they used it for weeks, our review clearly shows that it's just not a great supplement. That is why we suggest you do not buy RediMove.

Instead, we recommend that you give FlexAgain a try. A potent joint health supplement that is full of clinically proven ingredients, it can relieve pain in your joints and restore their health as effectively as anything you would get from a doctor, and some users report seeing a difference in as little as a week.

Joint Pain UC II 2/5
Joint Mobility UC II 2/5
Inflammation nothing dosed high enough 1/5
Customer Satisfaction nothing dosed high enough 2/5