Relief Factor has emerged as a notable player in the market for dietary supplements, focusing on offering potential benefits such as pain relief,. 

With a clientele surpassing one million and a history extending over a decade, Relief Factor reviews often highlight its longstanding position in the industry. Unfortunately Relief Factor is NOT the best product on the market for joint pain, and a great deal of sketchy marketing practices would leave us to suggest you're better off not buying from them. 

With a host of complaints from people being unable to cancel subscriptions, and better products containing the same ingredients and more than relief factor for a lower price, then we simply can't recommend it. 

That's not to say that the product doens't work at all for pain relief. Just that there's better options. 

If you're looking for a better option generally we tend to Recommend FlexAgain. 

What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is a comprehensive supplement line designed to target various aspects of discomfort and well-being, offering a range of products including:

  • Relief Factor for pain relief 
  • Zen Factor for anxiety relief 
  • Go Factor for an energy boost.
  • Z Factor for sleep support 

At the heart of Relief Factor's approach to pain relief is its commitment to a 100% drug-free formulation. The product leverages the power of botanicals and fish oil to support the body's natural pain management mechanisms. Specifically, Relief Factor is recognized for its capacity to mitigate pains that are often associated with aging and physical activity. This aspect is crucial for individuals seeking non-pharmacological options to manage their discomfort 3.

Key Ingredients and Their Roles:

  • Omega-3s (Fish Oil): Provides support for decreasing swelling and relieving stiff joints.
  • Curcumin: Aids in reducing pain during movement and supports blood vessel health.
  • Resveratrol: Promotes tissue health and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Icariin: Known to support the body's natural response to inflammation and helps reduce muscle pain, swelling, and stiffness

Relief Factor emphasizes long-term use to achieve the best results, with users typically noticing improvements a few months after consistent application. The product is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities and undergoes third-party testing to ensure purity and potency. The problem is that all of the ingredients aside from Omega 3 are underdosed. Resveratrol may be within the effective range, although all the studies are done at a higher amount it is only about 30% too low. 

And as we mentioned all these ingredients can be found in their correct doses in FlexAgain for $10 less.

Side Effects of Relief Factor

While Relief Factor is generally deemed safe for consumption, potential users should be aware of its associated side effects and safety concerns. These include:

Common Mild Side Effects:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Loose stool
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Intense Side Effects for Sensitive Stomachs:

Allergic Reactions and Medication Interactions:

  • Although allergic reactions are rare, immediate medical support should be sought if they occur 
  • Individuals on blood-thinning medication or those with bleeding disorders should consult their healthcare provider before using Relief Factor due to the potential blood-thinning effects from fish oil and resveratrol

Pricing and Value for Money

When considering the pricing and value for money of Relief Factor, it's essential to examine the cost structure and compare it with alternative solutions available in the market. Here's a breakdown:

Initial Offer:

  • 3-Week Quickstart: $19.95 or $19.99 depending on the source cited.
  • Automatic Subscription Post-Trial: Monthly supply at $79.95 plus shipping and handling 

Monthly Supply Costs:

  • Basic Package: Approximately $50-$60 a month, with variations leading up to $79.95 plus additional charges for shipping and handling.
  • Total Monthly Cost: Can escalate to around $100 after including shipping and handling for one month's supply

Comparison with Alternatives:

  • Individual Ingredients: Can be sourced individually at a lower cost, suggesting potential savings when not opting for Relief Factor. A plain omega 3 supplement would probably do.
  • Physio Flex Pro: Similarly priced, but also deemed to be more effective by customer review, does miss the omega.
  • FlexAgain: Highlighted as a cheaper and more effective alternative, indicating the presence of competitive products offering better value.
  • Other Alternatives: Some contain more proven ingredients like MSM and Glucosamine, which are known for positive effects on joint pain and flexibility, potentially offering better value for money.

It's also noteworthy that despite the initial allure of the 3-Week Quickstart offer, the majority of customers proceed to purchase additional supplies whether willingly or not.

Relief Factor Review Conclusion

Yes, the omega in Relief Factor will help with joint pain, however considering the products price point, shady business practices, terrible customer reviews we certainly can't recommend it. 

If you're looking for a supplement to help with arthritis pain, there are plenty of other, better options.

As mentioned in this review, we'd suggest either getting a standard fish oil supplement, or FlexAgain if you want an all in one with multiple effective ingredients.

Joint Pain Omega, Curcumin (underdosed) 3/5
Inflammation Omega, Resveratrol (underdosed) 2/5
Mobility Omega 3/5
Joint Health Omega 3/5


Q: Is Relief Factor effective in reducing pain?

A: There are no clinical studies that have conclusively proven that Relief Factor's combination of ingredients can alleviate any specific type of pain.

Q: Are there any better alternatives to Relief Factor?

A: FlexAgain is considered a superior alternative to Relief Factor. It contains ultra-pure, 100% natural ingredients that are designed to strengthen cartilage, ligaments, and connective tissues, as well as reduce inflammation and maintain joint lubrication over time.

Q: Can I trust that Relief Factor is a legitimate product?

A: Yes, Relief Factor is an authentic product marketed by Promedev LLC in the USA, with official presence on Google+ and Facebook.

Q: What is the process for canceling a Relief Factor subscription?

A: To cancel your Relief Factor subscription, you can call 833-888-1533 and choose the "cancel" option. Your subscription will be terminated within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or submit a cancellation request through their support page at