Muscletech Six Star Testosterone Booster is actually one of the worst options on the market. It is very cheap, which is probably why a lot of people have tried it out, but there's not actually anything of substance here when it comes to test boosting. 

There's 5mg of Boron, which has got some backing, although 10mg is better and beyond that there's some Rhodolia extract which could improve mood at it's dosage, but has little to no relation when it comes to T levels or gym performance. This could be why a few people have given it positive reviews due to it's mood boosting effects, but the reality is you could get a proper dose of Boron and Rhodolia for less than the Six Star Testosterone Booster or spend a little bit more and get something that actually has the full doses of clinically backed ingredients for raising testosterone levels. 

As for the rest of the ingredients, even those that do have some tenous connection to T need to be dosed at 25 times of more the amounts in Six Star to actually do anything. In most cases a budget mens multivitamin would be more effective due to the rates of vitamin D, zinc and magnesium deficiency in the US covering more than half the adult population (even more in over 50s) and the fact that each of these results in lowered testosterone.

With all this in mind we can't recommend six star testosterone booster over any of the much better products on the market, despite it's low price point. 

Best Testosterone Boosters

What Is Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Six Star Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement that aims to counteract the natural decline in testosterone levels that occurs with age. It also claims to enhance athletic performance, promoting faster muscle growth and increased strength. While it may be a suitable option for individuals looking to improve their testosterone levels, it's important to consider its ingredients, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Work?

Ultimately six star testosterone booster reviews may say that it has some positive effect on working out, but it will not do much to raise your testosterone levels. It has a couple of ingredients that have some benefit, but these are far below their ideal dosages and other supplements in Six Stars price bracket offer a substantially better option.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Calcium 50 mg  -Calcium is an essential mineral for overall health. However, the dosage of calcium in Six Star Testosterone Booster, at just 50 mg per serving, is going to do pretty much nothing as you need more than 1 gram of it a day. To put it into perspective, a glass of milk contains approximately 299 mg of calcium according to the USDA. While calcium is beneficial for various bodily functions and there is a link between calcium and testosterone levels [1], it's unclear how much of an impact it actually has. And either way the dose here is too low to do anything as we alredy mentioned. We're off to a bad start. 

Rhodiola Extract 386 mg - Rhodiola Rosea extract is one of the highlighted ingredients in Six Star Testosterone Booster. While there is some evidence suggesting that reducing stress and cortisol levels may increase total testosterone, it's important to note that Rhodiola extract is not typically associated with significant testosterone-boosting effects. Studies have shown minimal testosterone increases with Rhodiola extract, primarily after workouts. [2] Most better testosterone boosters utilize Ashwagandha root or Ginseng for stress reduction and cortisol regulation. [3,4]

Sodium 5 mg - Sodium is vital for healthy muscle contraction and relaxation. However, the amount of sodium in Six Star Testosterone Booster is minimal, with only 5 mg per serving. This amount is less than 1% of the recommended daily value of sodium. While sodium deficiency can lead to issues like nausea and headache, the small dosage in Six Star is unlikely to have a significant impact on your body. [5]

Ginkgo Extract 2.7 mg - Ginkgo extract is another ingredient found in Six Star Testosterone Booster. However, the research on Ginkgo's impact on testosterone levels is inconclusive. One study conducted on male rats showed increased sexual activity but no significant changes in testosterone levels. Another study involving human participants using higher doses of Ginkgo extract did not show any alterations in hormone levels for both men and women meaning that it's quite likely this extract simply doesn't work in humans [6] the same way as animals as is common and it's a laughably low dose either way. Ginko could have some symptomatic relief benefits, if it is dosed at about a 25X higher amount then mood and memory could be improved. 

Boron Citrate 100 mg - Boron Citrate is an ingredient that shows promise in testosterone regulation. It acts as an inhibitor for Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG), a protein that can lower testosterone levels by binding to free testosterone. A study conducted in 2011 demonstrated that Boron reduces SHBG concentration by 9% in just six hours, leading to a 28% increase in testosterone levels after seven days of supplementation. [7] However, it's worth noting that the actual amount of Boron in Six Star Testosterone Booster is just 5 mg, which has been shown to be beneficial, although the benefits of 10mg have shown to be more impressive and other testoterone booster supplements tend to use 10mg as it isn't a particularly expensive ingredient.

Pros and Cons of Six Star Testosterone Booster


  • Suitable for men of all ages
  • Some potential improvement in athletic performance and body strength


  • Limited proven ingredients for testosterone production
  • Limited benefits outside of fitness
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • Limited ingredient variety compared to other testosterone boosters
  • Overpriced

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

All in all this is a case of you get what you pay for, six star testosterone booster is a 2 star product. It definitely doesn't do what it claims to do.

But, if your main issue resulting from testosterone decline is mood related then you could definitely see some benefit. Even if it's not in the way the manufacturer or you intended. 

This isn't a good testosterone booster and we don't recommend it. 

See our list of recommended testosterone supplements here.

Strength 2/5
Libido 2/5
Mood 3/5
Energy 2/5


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