Testogen is a well-known supplement brand in the fitness industry. It claims to increase testosterone levels naturally using a blend of all-natural ingredients backed by clinical studies. And it is one of the better products out there for people looking for ways to naturally boost testosterone levels, it isn't the best in it's category, which is testosterone boosters aimed at improving gym performance, but it does make it into the top 3. 

We generally split the categories of testosterone supplements into muscle mass gainers, libido enhancers, mood boosters, estrogen blockers and all rounders. Of course they all have to have a focus on raising test levels and promoting men's health.

The reason that Testogen comes in the lean muscle mass camp is due to it's focus on DAA and L Arginine, which have benefits for muscle growth beyond testosterone levels. [1,2]

For example if you're looking for a testosterone booster that's more well designed to boost mood for example as well as test and muscle mass then we generally recommend getting something with an Ashwagandha base. [3]

The main positives of Testogen is simply that it has a lot of well backed ingredients in their clinically proven doses, and generally has good customer reviews across multiple third party sites. It's pretty straight forward. 

The downside is that a couple of the better ones are a little underdosed, it get's a lot of the muscle mass part of the formula right for the most part. Unfortunately though, Testogen under does a few key testosterone booster supplement ingredients like ginseng, vitamin K and boron. [4,5,6]

We've tested the product for it's dosage claims and found that it came well within expected ranges.

All in all it's a solid product, that is beaten out by a couple of other, better testosterone boosters, but you could definitely do significantly worse.

What Is TestoGen

Testogen is a dietary supplement available in capsule form. It is designed to support the natural production of testosterone in men, regardless of age. The product claims to provide multiple benefits, including increased energy levels, a better libido, faster muscle gain, more strength, reduced body fat, and an overall improvement in well-being.

How Does Testogen Work?

Testogen contains a potent blend of 11 natural ingredients that work together to increase the body's testosterone production. One of the key ingredients is D-aspartic acid (DAA), an amino acid that plays a crucial role in testosterone production as a regulator of luteinizing hormone (LH) production in the pituitary gland. LH stimulates Leydig cells in the testes to create testosterone, [7] suggesting that increased DAA levels would increase testosterone levels.

Testogen also contains other ingredients such as boron and zinc that boost ATP and cellular restoration, ensuring that you have more energy during the day. Additionally, the supplement contains vitamin D, which is essential for bone health, and magnesium, which helps regulate muscle and nerve function.

Testogen Ingredients

Testogen contains a blend of 11 all-natural ingredients that work together to increase testosterone production. Here's an overview of the key ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid (DAA) is an amino acid that plays a vital role in testosterone production as an amino acid regulator of luteinizing hormone production in the pituitary gland. Luteinizing hormone stimulates Leydig cells in the testes to create testosterone, suggesting that increased DAA levels would increase testosterone levels. At a little under 2400mg, Testogen sits comfortably in the effective range for DAA. [1,8]


Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. It is also essential for bone health. It works well in test boosters with Magnesium supplementation being shown to boost free testosterone levels as well as improve gym performance in healthy men. [9]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium, which is essential for bone health. It also plays a crucial role in immune function and reducing inflammation. But more importantly Vitamin D3 supplementation has been shown to improve athletic performance significantly well beyond RDI's. And on top of that deficiency in vitamin D, which effects almost half of US men in some studies can cause reduced testosterone levels. [10,11]


Improves physical performance by promoting protein synthesis and tissue repair. L-arginine also increases muscular strength and endurance and improves blood flow. Some studies show L-arginine can boost testosterone levels, although it's more useful as a gym supplement in general, but seeing as testogen is mainly focused on that market, this is fine. It's at the lower end of effective ranges, but all in all a solid inclusion. [12]

Vitamin K1

Another essential vitamin for testosterone production, vitamin K is quite a common deficiency, Testogen doesn't do so well here as there are two types of vitamin k, and that is k1 and k2, unfortunately the one your body needs to raise free testosterone levels is the latter. And converting k1 to k2 is inefficient. Considering the testogen dose is only 17% of your RDI, this is relatively ineffectual. [5,13,14]

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle Leaf Extract has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat various conditions such as joint pain and inflammation. It also helps regulate testosterone levels by binding to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which would otherwise bind to testosterone and reduce its effectiveness. [15]

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Korean Red Ginseng Extract is a popular herbal medicine used to boost energy levels and reduce stress. It also helps with the production of nitric oxide, which can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. Specifically Korean red ginseng or Panax ginseng has been shown to raise testosterone production in men who already had healthy testosterone levels, and it's also been shown to be effective in raising low testosterone. Unfortunately the dosing here is a little too low to be effective meaning that we can't actually give Testogen a higher score for mood as ginseng also has a lot of benefits for cognition and mental health. We'd have needed more than double Ginseng. [16]

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract is a plant-based extract that has been used for centuries to treat various conditions such as digestive problems and inflammation. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and increases testosterone levels. Fenugreek is one of the most well studied testosterone booster ingredients, unfortunately at 40mg Testogen is skimping out a little bit with 40mg, meaning that it's not going to be paritcularly effective, which is a shame for an ingredient that has been very well backed to increase free testosterone levels. [17]


Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in many bodily functions, including immune function, wound healing, and cell growth and division. It is also essential for testosterone production. Even supplementing zinc to cover small mineral deficiencies has been shown to raise testosterone production significantly, however, going over the RDI doesn't seem to have any benefit. [18]

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in many bodily functions, including energy metabolism, immune function, and brain development. It is also essential for testosterone production. A good solid inclusion, nothing to complain about here. [19]


Boron is a mineral that helps regulate the levels of other minerals in the body, including calcium and magnesium. It also helps boost testosterone levels according to multiple studies. The downside is that whilst 5-8mg can be effective, the ideal dose is 10mg and testogen is coming up a little short with 5. And this isn't going to be enough for larger men to get the most out of the ingredient, and for a gym focused supplement that isn't ideal. 20]


This extract from black pepper is pretty much par for the course in combined supplements, it doesn't do anything to raise testosterone levels, but it does help your body absorb the other ingredients more effectively. This is completely fine too. [21]

Testogen Benefits

According to the manufacturer, Testogen's proprietary blend of natural ingredients can improve various aspects of men's health, leading to better overall well-being. Here are some of the benefits of taking Testogen:

Increased Energy and Stamina

Testogen contains several ingredients that increase stamina and energy levels. Boron and zinc are two key minerals that boost the body's testosterone production while also boosting ATP and cellular restoration, ensuring that you have more energy during the day.

Faster Muscle Gain and Increased Strength

Testosterone is an essential hormone that controls muscle growth, leading to increased strength and larger muscles. Testosterone promotes the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH), responsible for speeding up muscle growth after exercise. A combination of normal testosterone levels and increased HGH means that you get a stronger muscle-building effect from weight training.

This increased effect means you put on muscle faster, which translates into better gym performance, which results in even bigger muscle growth. It's a self-reinforcing cycle that testosterone supplements can kickstart and enhance as long as you maintain the right exercise and diet plan.

Improved Sex Drive

Testosterone plays a vital role in libido and sexual performance. Low testosterone can play a role in erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and many other male reproductive concerns. Raising testosterone levels to normal concentrations can restore typical sex drive and function, which can feel like a massive boost if you've previously suffered from low testosterone levels. But, there are much better options than Testogen if this is your core focus.

Reduced Body Fat

Testosterone and estrogen both play a massive role in fat metabolism. Estrogen is responsible for fat accumulation, especially around the abdomen and legs. Abnormally high estrogen levels can lead to weight gain and fat that is very difficult to shift. By balancing your estrogen and testosterone concentration naturally, Testogen makes it easier to burn off existing fat and will ensure that you don't put on stubborn fat. Also, increased muscle mass has the benefit of raising your basal metabolic rate, meaning that you'll start to lose weight by simply maintaining your current workout routine and diet.

Testogen Pros And Cons


  • Enhances testosterone, libidos, and energy levels

  • Promotes weight loss for better muscle toning

  • Supports muscle growth and recovery

  • Improves moods


  • Consistent use is needed for optimal results

  • Recommended dose cannot be split or changed

  • Best deals only available on the official website

Testogen Review Conclusion

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster that claims to provide multiple benefits, including increased energy levels, a better libido, faster muscle gain, more strength, reduced body fat, and an overall improvement in well-being. While some of the individual ingredients it contains are a little under dosed to improve testosterone levels a lot of the others are well in the effective range. All in all our Testogen review leaves us a little dissapointed in a supplement that did an awful lot right, but seemed to cheap out on a few important ingredients, alternatively maybe we could've had one less ingredient, but more of the correct doses. It's definitely not a bad testosterone booster, but there is better out there. 4/5

Strength Contains DAA, Vit D, and L Arganine 4/5
Libido Minimal Here 3/5
Mood Vit D, Vit B 3/5
Energy Vit D, DAA, l Arganine make this a decent score for energy 4/5


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