The testosterone supplement market is often thought of as something that is only useful to those who are seeking great increases in lean muscle mass or strength. This could not be further from the truth though, as testosterone boosters are extremely useful for anyone suffering from low testosterone or its symptoms.

Testosterone boosting supplements work by supporting your natural testosterone production, to help you achieve optimal testosterone levels, without having to resort to things like testosterone therapy. Many will then also feature natural ingredients that balance your hormone and testosterone levels in other ways too.

The problem is, with so many testosterone supplements out there, each with their own formula of natural ingredients, it can be hard to know what the most effective testosterone booster for you is. That is why we have made our list of the best testosterone booster supplements, to help make sure you pick the right one.

The Best Natural Ingredients In Testosterone Supplements


Ashwagandha is a natural extract made from the roots of the winter cherry shrub that has long been used in ayurvedic medicine. It offers a variety of health benefits, such as reducing anxiety, body fat, blood sugar levels, and stress, and enhancing focus, memory, sleep, and brain and heart health and functions.

It is extremely useful in natural testosterone boosters as it can also promote testosterone production, raise testosterone levels, and increase muscle mass, muscle strength, and your athletic performance (1).


A trace mineral and metal element, boron is ideal for supporting healthy testosterone levels. It is especially useful in older men who are dealing with falling free testosterone levels or a testosterone deficiency, as it is known that normal testosterone levels decrease as you age.

This is because it is capable of stimulating natural testosterone production and boosting free testosterone levels at the same time. Beyond this, it can also reduce inflammation and cholesterol, and enhance your red blood cells, athletic performance, blood plasma, bone density, cognitive functions, and energy levels (2).

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid derivative that plays a vital role in the natural synthesis of testosterone and which can enhance male fertility.

Studies have shown that d-aspartic acid can be used by athletes to boost testosterone levels naturally, as well as by infertile men to help them restore proper sexual function (3).


Fenugreek extract is produced from the leaves and seeds of a plant native to India that has long been used in both ayurvedic medicine and cooking. Among its many touted benefits are an ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and help combat a range of health issues, such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

It is of particular use in testosterone boosting supplements as it can support healthy testosterone levels, boost libido, increase muscle mass and tone, and enhance male sexual functions and reproductive capabilities (4).


Ginseng is a herbal extract sourced from the roots of plants in the Panax family that is widely used in various traditional medicines.

Being able to boost free testosterone levels and treat erectile dysfunction make it useful in testosterone boosting supplements, and being able to aid mood, immunity, and cognitive functions, and combat issues like diabetes, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome make it beneficial to your overall health too (5).


Magnesium supplementation is a great choice for people worried about low testosterone or maintaining healthy testosterone levels, as the mineral has been repeatedly proven to help enhance the production of various different hormones throughout the human body, including testosterone (6).

Nettle Root

Unlike most ingredients that increase free testosterone levels by boosting testosterone production, nettle root extract instead works by binding to a protein called SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

As this protein can inhibit your natural testosterone production, binding to it and preventing it from doing so will indirectly result in boosting testosterone levels exponentially.

It can then offer a variety of other health benefits too, such as reducing inflammation, aiding athletic performance, improving blood flow, keeping both the prostate and urinary tract healthy and functioning at optimal levels, and enhancing your sexual health (7).

Vitamin B6

Vitamin b6 plays a role in more than 140 different enzyme reactions throughout the human body, such as improving your metabolic rate, boosting body fat oxidation and weight loss, accelerating the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, and enhancing mood, immune functions, and your overall health.

The main reason for its inclusion in natural testosterone boosting supplements though, is because it plays a vital role in the production of androgen, a hormone said to be the building block of testosterone which tells the brain and testes to begin testosterone production and release it into the blood stream (8).

This will not only help you to achieve optimal testosterone levels, but it will also prevent low libido too. It can even improve the absorption and efficacy of two of the other best testosterone boosters too, in zinc and magnesium, making them more effective.

Vitamin D

Unlike most of the ingredients on our list of the best testosterone boosters, vitamin d supplementation will not directly raise testosterone levels. However, a vitamin d deficiency is one of the most common causes of low testosterone levels, so taking vitamin d in a testosterone booster will prevent this from happening (9).

It can then also offer a variety of other benefits to help keep you and your body fit, strong, and healthy.


A brittle metal element and essential mineral, zinc is extremely useful in natural testosterone supplements as it encourages the pituitary gland in your brain to increase its production of luteinizing hormone.

As luteinizing hormone is needed to support testosterone production, the more you have, the higher your serum testosterone levels will get (10). As zinc cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from food or dietary supplements, you must make sure you get enough to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Beyond the vital role it plays in testosterone production, zinc also offers a range of other benefits too, such as improving your brain function, DNA and protein synthesis, immune system, metabolic rate, recovery time, and vision, while also helping to fight off viruses and reduce inflammation and the signs of aging.

Prime Male Ingredients

The amino acid d-aspartic acid and Korean red ginseng both boost the production of testosterone and your total testosterone levels, while the latter also improves mood and cognitive and immune health and functions, to keep you focused and help your body combat diseases.

The three minerals, boron, magnesium, and zinc, work in unison to boost your natural production of both testosterone and luteinizing hormone. Meanwhile, vitamin b6, vitamin d, and vitamin k3 work together to keep you healthy and stop you becoming vitamin d deficient and your testosterone levels from dipping (11).

Ashwagandha will boost testosterone levels, muscle strength, lean muscle growth, physical performance, body fat and weight loss, focus, memory, sleep, and heart and brain health, and reduce anxiety, stress, and your blood sugar levels.

Nettle root extract prevents SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) from inhibiting testosterone production, helping you maintain healthy testosterone levels, while preventing inflammation and urinary tract issues.

Luteolin is a type of flavonoid that has the ability to inhibit aromatase enzyme activity and turn cholesterol into pregnenolone, both of which will help to keep your natural oestrogen and testosterone levels and production within the optimal range (12).

The last ingredient in Prime Male, black pepper extract, will not affect your natural testosterone levels or production itself. However, it does contain the bioflavonoid piperine, which boosts the absorption and efficacy of all natural ingredients, so is common in many of the most effective testosterone boosters (13).


  • Designed as a testosterone booster for men, so can combat issues like erectile dysfunction

  • Uses only vegan friendly, optimally dosed ingredients proven to boost testosterone naturally

  • Very reasonably priced and comes with a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee

  • Can improve sex drive and functions, energy levels, muscle growth, and body fat loss


  • Only available directly from the official Prime Male website

  • Being advertised as a testosterone booster for men may make some women feel uncomfortable

Prime Male Rating

Such a diverse formula means Prime Male can do everything a testosterone booster for men is capable of. It can prevent low testosterone levels and their symptoms, raise already low testosterone levels, promote the growth of lean muscle mass, combat erectile dysfunction, and help to boost sexual function and drive.

With all of its natural ingredients being safe, proven, optimally dosed and vegan friendly, and it boasting a reasonable price tag and 14 or 30 day money back guarantee, Prime Male may be sold as a testosterone booster for men, but it is also the very best natural testosterone booster supplement for virtually everyone.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

A testosterone boosting supplement is a great way to boost testosterone levels naturally, without having to resort to testosterone replacement therapy. However, while our list of the best testosterone supplements features a number of great choices, the overall best testosterone booster supplement by far is Prime Male.

Packed with nothing but optimal doses of scientifically proven, natural ingredients, it is capable of safely boosting testosterone levels and muscle growth, while preventing all of the symptoms of low testosterone. All purchases even come with either a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee, in case you change your mind.

If, for any reason, you feel it is not the right testosterone supplement for you, one of the other testosterone boosters on our list of the best natural testosterone booster supplements surely will be. For everyone else though, we highly suggest you give Prime Male a try and see how it boosts testosterone levels for yourself.