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  1. ...aromatase b gene (cyp19a1b), resulting in specific GFP expression in radial glial cells in the area bordering the brain ventricles (Tong et al. 2009). Before 9 dpf, the GFP expression is only observed after induction by estrogens, enabling screening estrogenic activity of EDCs using exposure from 0 ~~~
  2. ...aromatase (Xu  et  al. 2011). miR-224 is involved in TGF-β-induced granulosa cell proliferation and granulosa cell functions by targeting SMAD4 (Yao  et  al. 2010). MicroRNA-21 was shown to regulate granulosa cell apoptosis, and in vivo knockdown of miR-21 causes an increase in apoptosis (Carletti  ~~~
  3. ...aromatase inhibitors) or estrogenic signaling (antiestrogens, AEs). AEs are steroids or steroid mimics that compete with endogenous estrogens (Fig.  1A) for binding to ERs and modify their activity as ligand-dependent transcriptional regulators (Hall et al. 2001, Ascenzi et al. 2006). However, some ~~~
  4. ...aromatase ~~~
  5. ...aromatase (reviewed in Fortune & Quirk 1988). Immunohistochemical studies localized protein for aromatase in fetal bovine ovaries between 45 and 250 days of gestation (Burkhart et  al. 2010, Garverick et al. 2010), and gonadotropins are present in the serum of bovine fetuses of similar ages (Oxender ~~~
  6. ...aromatase expression in baboon endometriotic lesions. Fertility and Sterility 80 (Supplement 2) 820–827. (doi:10.1016/S00150282(03)00982-8) Greaves E, Cousins FL, Murray A, Esnal-Zufiaurre A, Fassbender A, Horne AW & Saunders PT 2014 A novel mouse model of endometriosis mimics human phenotype and re ~~~
  7. ...aromatase knockout mice (Hill et  al. 2007); therefore, it is possible that they are also regulated in an opposing manner by the AR in the CNS. In conclusion, our mouse models show that androgens acting through the DNA-binding actions of the AR do not play a major role in myoblasts or myofibers to r ~~~
  8. ...aromatase inhibitors. Finally, we examine how the field is now considering the development of anticholesterol therapeutics and companion biomarkers to stratify and treat ERα breast cancer patients. In particular, we review recent progress in pharmaceutical strategies targeting the cholesterol molecu ~~~
  9. ...aromatase inhibitor fadrozole be useful for clinical investigation of aldosteronesynthase inhibition? Journal of Hypertension 24 993–997. (doi:10.1097/01.hjh.0000226183.98439.b3) Morton NM, Paterson JM, Masuzaki H, Holmes MC, Staels B, Fievet C, Walker BR, Flier JS, Mullins JJ & Seckl JR 2004 Novel ~~~
  10. ...aromatase and estrogen in the normal breast and in the development of breast cancers. Aromatase, the key enzyme for estrogen production, is comprised of at least ten partially tissue-selective and alternatively used promoters. These promoters are regulated by distinct signaling pathways to control a ~~~
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