Online submission

Please read the instructions below before submitting your manuscript online.

Submit to Journal of Endocrinology

Submit to Journal of Molecular Endocrinology

Submit to Endocrine-Related Cancer

Preparation of manuscripts

Prepare the content of your manuscript according to the journal style (see author instructions for JOE, JME and ERC)

What electronic files do I need to send?

  • Text - preferably as a Word (.DOC) file (.RTF and .PS may also be used)
  • Tables - as separate Word (.DOC) files
  • Figures - as separate TIFF, EPS or PDF files
  • Any Supplementary files

All component files of a submission will be automatically converted to a single PDF file, which will be sent out for review

File names

Please name your files clearly, as shown below:

  • Manuscript: Author.doc
  • Table: Author_Table1.doc
  • Figure: Author_Fig1.tiff
  • Supplementary file: Author_Supp.doc
  • Covering letter: Author_cov.doc

Indicate the Table or Figure number in the file name.

File size

The combined size of your files should not exceed 10 MB.

Review procedure

Once received, the editorial office will send your manuscript to referees - their selection will be based on scientific expertise and the usual level of confidentiality will be maintained. If your paper is accepted we will request it in a format compatible with our production requirements. See the author guidelines for JOE, JME and ERC.

How do I submit online?

Have you already registered with ScholarOne Manuscripts?

YES - Click on the link button below, log in using your password and follow the on-screen instructions


  • Click on the link button below and register
  • You will need to give your email address; you will need to supply this email to the system every time you use it
  • Your password will be sent to this email address. You can change the password to something that you can remember easily. If you forget it, you can ask the system to email the password to you again.

When you have a password you can submit your manuscript - just log on and click on the ‘Create a New Manuscript’ button.

Submit to Journal of Endocrinology

Submit to Journal of Molecular Endocrinology

Submit to Endocrine-Related Cancer


Authors who feel they have grounds to appeal a rejection decision should send a rebuttal letter to the Editorial Office (joe{at}, jme{at} or erc{at}, detailing the reasons for the appeal. Rebuttals will be considered by both the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board Member handling the paper. Decisions on appeals are final.