Permissions information for authors

Bioscientifica is a member of the STM Agreement regarding the granting of permission to re-use limited amounts of material in other published works.

It is your responsibility to clear all copyright permissions for your article and pay any permissions fees.

Bioscientifica reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee for all requests to reproduce or translate works held under copyright.

Requests to reproduce your own work

Bioscientifica grants to authors the right to reproduce their work free of charge in any publication of which they are the author or editor, subject only to giving proper credit in the work to the original publication by Bioscientifica.

Therefore, authors do not need to contact Bioscientifica to request permission to reproduce their work.

Should you require formal confirmation that permission is not required to reproduce your own work, please use the Rightslink system as described in the below section. You will not be charged for this.

Obtaining permission to republish Bioscientifica content

Bioscientifica is pleased to announce our partnership with Copyright Clearance Center to meet your licensing needs.

With Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink service it is faster and easier than ever before to secure permission from Bioscientifica titles.

Simply locate your desired content and click on Request permission within the table of contents or in the tool-box to the right of the article to open RightsLink.

  • Select the way you would like to reuse the content
  • Create an account if you haven't already
  • Accept the terms and conditions and you're done

For questions about using the RightsLink service, please contact Customer Support, E-mail: customercare{at}; Telephone 877 622 5543 (toll free) or +1 978 646 2777.

Commercial reprint sales

Reprints can provide your company with a unique promotional opportunity. Articles that mention your product in our high-impact journals are a useful marketing tool to hand out at your exhibition booth and to send out to customers and prospects as persuasive testimonials.

Content Ed Net is Bioscientifica's global partner for commercial reprints. Please contact sales{at} or visit Content Ed Net website to identify your nearest office (Content Ed Net has operations in 29 countries).