Accepted Preprint (first posted online 13 December 2016)

    Metabolic signaling functions of ER-mitochondria contact sites: role in metabolic diseases

    1. Jennifer Rieusset
    1. E Tubbs, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University Diabetes Centre, Malmö, Sweden
    2. J Rieusset, Faculté de médecine Lyon Sud, INSERM U1060, Lyon, France
    1. Correspondence: Jennifer Rieusset, Email: jennifer.rieusset{at}


    Beyond the maintenance of cellular homeostasis and the determination of cell fate, ER-mitochondria contact sites, defined as mitochondria-associated membranes (MAM), start to emerge as an important signaling hub that integrates nutrient and hormonal stimuli and adapts cellular metabolism. Here, we summarize the established structural and functional features of MAM, and mainly focus on the latest breakthroughs highlighting a crucial role of organelle crosstalk in the control of metabolic homeostasis. Lastly, we discuss recent studies that have revealed the importance of MAM in metabolic diseases, but also in other pathologies with disrupted metabolism, shedding light on potential common molecular mechanisms and leading hopefully to novel treatment strategies.

    • Received 5 October 2016
    • Revision received 7 December 2016
    • Accepted 13 December 2016
    • Accepted Preprint first posted online on 13 December 2016