Characterisation of the androgen regulation of glycine N-methyltransferase in prostate cancer cells

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  • Supplementary figure 1 - Supplementary Fig 1 GNMT is expressed exclusively in AR positive cell lines. The breast cancer T47D cell line together with a panel of prostate cell lines were cultured in medium containing 10% FCS. RNA was prepared and TaqMan RT-PCR for GNMT and AR was performed. AR and GNMT expression in cell lines is shown relative to the expression in LNCaP cells. Results are shown as mean values of three replicates with error bars showing s.e.m. (PDF 135 KB)
  • Supplementary figure 2 - Supplementary Fig 2 Human GNMT gene sequence from promoter region - 1320 bp to + 240 bp (intron 1) is shown. The sequence was retrieved from the UCSC hg19 human genome assembly ( Boxes indicate the three predicted AREs. Exon 1 is shown in uppercase letters, with sequences 5’ to the transcription start and intron 1 sequences shown in lowercase letters. The 5’ untranslated region (UTR) is indicated in blue and the coding region in red. +1 indicates the transcription start site. (PDF 69 KB)
  • Supplementary table 1 - Mutagenesis primers used for generating the GNMTp-ARE mutants (PDF 87 KB)
  • Supplementary table 2 - TaqMan Assay-on Demand primers (Applied Biosystems) (PDF 102 KB)
  • Supplementary table 3 - Oligonucleotide sequences used for the EMSA assay (PDF 88 KB)
  • Supplementary table 4 - ChIP primers for real-time PCR (PDF 87 KB)

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