Content Features

Society for Endocrinology journals Online offers several features to improve the viewing of online content and to facilitate finding articles of potential interest.

Content Box

The content box is the list of services and tools found in the middle column of an article view page. Here you will find:

With JavaScript enabled, you can expand and collapse the content box headings. With cookies enabled, your previous selections for expanded and collapsed views will be save from session to session.

Rollover Abstracts

On Table of Contents and search results pages, the article abstract (when available) will pop up in an overlay when you mouse over any portion of the article citation.

Rollover References

In an article view, the complete article reference will pop up in an overlay when you mouse over the reference in the text.

Inline Figure Expansion

With JavaScript enabled you can expand a figure view within the article text.

Cited Reference Link Back to Text

The arrow at the beginning of each listed reference (in the References section of an article view) will jump to the first mention of that reference in the article text.

Data Supplements

Data supplements are online-only material provided by the authors as supplementary information to the published articles in Society for Endocrinology journals. Data supplement file types may include images, movies, PDFs, HTML pages, audio files, spreadsheets, or word-processing documents. Links to data supplements can be found on Tables of Contents pages, search results pages, and in article views.