Track the topics, authors and articles important to you with our CiteTrack Alerts service

Who Can Use It?

CiteTrack Alerts services are freely available to all users of Society for Endocrinology journals Online. To participate in CiteTrack Alerts, you simply need to provide an email address to which the alert is sent. CiteTrack Alerts allows you to track topics and authors in any of the participating journals. You or your institution will need a subscription to see the full text for articles you are alerted to in other journals.

What Does It Do?

CiteTrack Alerts will alert you by email whenever new content in Society for Endocrinology journals or a participating journal is published that matches criteria based on the topics, authors and articles you want to track:


Tell CiteTrack Alerts which words or subjects to watch for in new content.


Be alerted whenever key authors you are following publish a new paper.


Know whenever a paper of interest to you is referenced by another paper or letter.


CiteTrack Alerts checks for content matching your criteria in new issues of journals you've asked it to monitor.

You will receive an email any time matching content is found in new issues, one email for each new issue of each journal you are tracking.

Which Journals?

Many journals are currently participating and more are added all the time.


Alerts include citations (authors, title, journal name, volume and page) and URLs for articles that match your criteria in each journal you are tracking.

Each alert comes as its own email to remind you of the alert-criteria. Each set of criteria can be a separate alert.You control how many articles you want to see cited in each alert, but you can ask the system to show you more subsequently. You determine for how long each alert will operate, and whether it is delivered in plain text or HTML.


After you have signed in with either your user name and password (for journal subscribers) or your email address, you can set up, review, and change alerts in several ways:

First, by going to your personal CiteTrack Alerts directory page, which is also accessible via the 'Subscriptions' button on most pages in the journal.

Second, by clicking on the links found on search results -- to set up an author or topic alert based on your current search -- and articles -- to set up a citation alert based on an article you are viewing.


For suggestions and tips to make sure your alerts are set up correctly, please refer to our information on search strategies.


If you have suggestions, questions or comments for us to improve this feature, we would welcome your comments via the Feedback form.

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