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  1. ...signaling resulting from these mechanisms could lead to the regulation of gene expression (Davis  et  al. 2013, 2016). These actions are rapidly triggered even in the presence of transcription inhibitors (Yusta  et al. 1998, Lorenzo  et al. 2002) by TH interactions with THRs coupled to specific enzy ~~~
  2. ...signaling in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Journal of Experimental Biology 216 4483–4492. (doi:10.1242/jeb.091157) Dai W, Panserat S, Terrier F, Seiliez I & Skiba-Cassy S 2014 Acute rapamycin treatment improved glucose tolerance through inhibition of hepatic gluconeogenesis in rainbow trout ( ~~~
  3. ...signaling (Tetta et al. 2013, Salido-Guadarrama et al. 2014). Exosomes are believed to be involved in cross-talk between glial cells and neurons, facilitating axon myelination, repair of neurological damage and other essential functions (Krämer-Albers & White 2011, Lopez-Verrilli & Court 2012, Sharm ~~~
  4. ...signaling (Hill & Tasker 2012) and inflammatory cytokines (Felger & Lotrich 2013). The network of transcription factors and co-regulators of regulation of CRH expression, however, remain to be explored (Kovacs 2013). Since their discovery, microRNAs have been found to be involved in various biologic ~~~
  5. ...signaling pathways is not yet fully elucidated. Also immune, metabolic, stemness and microRNA pathways have emerged as important determinants of TC dedifferentiation and RAI resistance. These signaling pathways have major clinical implications since their targeting could inhibit TC progression and c ~~~
  6. ...signaling via Hx, we disrupted ion-uptake by Ncc2-cells and ion secretion became 363 dominant via SW-type ionocytes, and in turn, plasma osmolality/Cl- dropped. 364 Replacement with oPrl successfully restored plasma osmolality and Cl- levels to control 365 (sham) levels (Fig. 4A, B) while inducing b ~~~
  7. ...signaling pathway in skeletal muscle cells. Thioflavin T (ThT) was used to visualize misfolded protein aggregates and thus quantify levels of ER stress and indicated a small but significant increase in ER stress after 24, but not 4, hours of HIHG treatment (Fig.  3A). Increased ER stress was accompa ~~~
  8. ...signaling pathways f RNA-seq f bone 10.1530/JME-17-0076 DOI: 10.1530/JME-17-0076 © 2017 Society for Endocrinology Printed in Great Britain Published by Bioscientifica Ltd. 352Research a kot and others Progesterone receptor deletion in MSCs 59 4: (Bonjour et al. 200 ~~~
  9. ...signaling in pancreatic islets. Diabetes 64 2489–2496. (doi:10.2337/db14-1575) Su X, Zhou T, Yang P, Edwards CK 3rd & Mountz JD 1998 Reduction of arthritis and pneumonitis in motheaten mice by soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor. Arthritis and Rheumatology 41 139–149. (doi:10.1002/1529-0131(19980 ~~~
  10. ...signaling evoked by human amylin in islet beta-cells. Diabetes 57 348–356. (doi:10.2337/db07-0849) Zhang S, Liu J, Dragunow M & Cooper GJ 2003 Fibrillogenic amylin evokes islet beta-cell apoptosis through linked activation of a caspase cascade and JNK1. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 52810–5281 ~~~
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