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  1. ...nuclear receptors for oxysterols liver X receptor induces ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in mice. Endocrinology 150 3369–3375. (doi:10.1210/en.2008-1519) Ng EHY, Yeung WSB, Lau EYL, So WWK & Ho PC 2000 High serum oestradiol concentrations in fresh IVF cycles do not impair implantation and pregnan ~~~
  2. ...nuclear receptors 59 1: and subsequent mutation, the capacity to bind different ligands and the ligand-independent activation were acquired. Phylogenetic analysis has led to the classification of the NR superfamily into seven subfamilies (NR0–6) on which the current nomenclature of the NR superfamil ~~~
  3. ...nuclear receptors ~~~
  4. ...nuclear receptors other than the estrogen and progesterone receptors, in the regulation of various processes important to the initiation and progression of breast cancer. We review new insights into the mechanisms of action of NRs made possible by recent advances in genomic technologies and focus on ~~~
  5. ...nuclear receptors provide a docking platform for coregulators to bind, these proteins bring enzymatic capabilities to the gene regulatory sites. RIP140 is a transcriptional coregulator essential for several physiological processes, and aberrations in its function may lead to diseased states. Unlike ~~~
  6. ...nuclear receptors (Savoy & Ghosh 2013). In human parathyroid tumor cells, full-length FLNA was localized in membrane and in cytoplasm, similar to what was reported in bovine parathyroid cells (Hjälm et al. 2001); in addition, cleaved FLNA fragment could be detected in the nuclear protein fractions, ~~~
  7. ...nuclear receptors (NRs) a common structure with a central DNA-binding domain (DBD) flanked by two transcriptional activation function domains, AF1 and AF2, the latter overlapping with the ligand-binding domain (LBD) (Fig.  2A). Ligand binding regulates NR conformation, nuclear localization, binding ~~~
  8. ...nuclear receptors contain an amino terminal domain (NTD), DNAbinding domain (DBD), hinge region and a ligandbinding domain (LBD). The MR and other steroid hormone receptors are activated through ligand–LBD interaction, but other parts of their structure can affect outcomes. The NTD, via its activati ~~~
  9. ...nuclear receptors that regulate lipid and cholesterol metabolism. Therefore, we investigated the effect of 24,25-[OH]2D3 on kinase signaling, nuclear receptor expression, and proinflammatory cytokine expression in HepG2 cells. Materials and methods Materials Phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate (PMA), ge ~~~
  10. ...nuclear receptors . Pharmacological Reviews 58 685 – 704 . ( doi:10.1124/pr.58.4.2 ) ↵ Ghoumari AM , Baulieu EE & Schumacher M 2005 Progesterone increases oligodendroglial cell proliferation in rat cerebellar slice cultures . Neuroscience 135 47 – 58 . ( doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2005.05.023 ) ~~~
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