Accepted Preprint (first posted online 21 February 2018)

    Central regulation of food intake in fish: an evolutionary perspective

    1. María Jesús Delgado
    1. J Soengas, Fisioloxia Animal, Universidade de Vigo, Vigo, Spain
    2. J Cerdá-Reverter, Fish Physiology and Biotechnology, IATS-CSIC, Castellón, 12595, Spain
    3. M Delgado, Animal Physiology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
    1. Correspondence: Jose Soengas, Email: jsoengas{at}


    Evidence indicates that central regulation of food intake is well conserved along the vertebrate lineage, at least between teleost fish and mammals. However, several differences arise in the comparison between both groups. In this review, we describe similarities and differences between teleost fish and mammals on an evolutionary perspective. We focussed on the existing knowledge of specific fish features conditioning food intake, anatomical homologies and analogies between both groups as well as the main signaling pathways of neuroendocrine and metabolic nature involved in the homeostatic and hedonic central regulation of food intake

    • Received 22 December 2017
    • Revision received 7 February 2018
    • Accepted 20 February 2018
    • Accepted Preprint first posted online on 21 February 2018