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  1. ...ion channels and proteins interacting with extracellular matrix. Intragranular IAPP will come into close proximity with all of these components on exocytosis of the secretory granule. It has been shown that interaction of monomeric human IAPP with synthetic phospholipid membranes or bilayers promote ~~~
  2. ...ion channels (KCNJ5 (Choi et al. 2011), CACNA1D (Azizan et al. 2013, Scholl et al. 2013) and CACNA1H (Daniil et al. 2016)) and ATPases (ATP1A1 (Azizan et al. 2013, Beuschlein et al. 2013) and ATP2B3 (Beuschlein et al. 2013)) in more than 50% of APA. All these mutations lead to the activation of calc ~~~
  3. ...ion channels ~~~
  4. ...ion channels and src tyrosine kinase, which in turn generate various intracellular second messengers. The Gβγ complex also regulates a range of effector proteins, some of which are Figure 1 A summary diagram of G protein-mediated pathways activated by PTH. R205Review 58 4: DOI: 10.1530/JME-16-0221 h ~~~
  5. ...ion channels between secretory pathway compartments (Kottgen  et  al. 2005). PACS2 was identified at ER–mitochondria interface where it plays a role in sorting proteins on the ER and mitochondria (Simmen  et  al. 2005). PACS2 depletion disrupts mitochondria structure and ER homeostasis, Mitochondria ~~~
  6. ...ion channels or signalling systems is unaffected by MR deletion in VSMC (Tarjus  et  al. 2015a). However, MR does regulate Cav1.2 gene expression in mesenteric artery VSMC, an L-type calcium channel which increases vasomotor tone when active (McCurley et al. 2012). Aldosterone can also act in an MR- ~~~
  7. ...ion channels formed by other members of the TRP channels family is also addressed. Introduction Insulin secretion is driven by electrical activity and oscillations of intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) in pancreatic β-cells. The main driver of insulin secretion is plasma glucose; glucose met ~~~
  8. ...ion channels and secretion of insulin (da Silva Xavier et  al. 2000, 2003). Previous studies have showed that AICAR, an AMPK activator, increases GLP1 secretion in rodents but not in fetal rat intestinal cells, murine GLUTag or human NCI-H716 L cells (Maida et al. 2011, Mulherin et al. 2011). Our fi ~~~
  9. ...ion channels and activation of various mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases and pp60c-src (Chappel et  al. 1997, Gniadecki 1998, Zhang et al. 2007, Buitrago et al. 2013). Unlike 1,25-[OH]2D3, which has high affinity for the VDR (Makin et  al. 1989), 24,25-[OH]2D3 binds the VDR poorly if at all (U ~~~
  10. ...ion channels ~~~
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