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  1. ...insulin secretion from pancreatic 63 β-cells(Kido, et al. 2000; Tamemoto et al. 1994). Since defective hepatic insulin sensitivity in 64 type 2 diabetes results in increased glucose production, which is the major cause of 65 hyperglycemia in diabetic patients(Kunert, et al. 2003; Magnusson, et al. 1 ~~~
  2. ...insulin secretion and hyperglycemia. Sufferers of this heritable disorder are often dependent on frequent insulin injections to prevent hyperglycemia, along with other medications to manage T1D’s often debilitating symptoms (Atkinson et  al. 2014, Miller  et  al. 2015). Exosomes derived from stem ce ~~~
  3. ...insulin secretion in isolated human islets. Diabetes 56 65–71. (doi:10.2337/db06-0734) Rivera JF, Costes S, Gurlo T, Glabe CG & Butler PC 2014 Autophagy defends pancreatic beta cells from human islet amyloid polypeptideinduced toxicity. Journal of Clinical Investigation 124 3489–3500. (doi:10.1172/J ~~~
  4. ...insulin secretion elicited by KCl is often regarded as the equivalent of the first phase of glucose-induced insulin secretion. Here, the effects of both stimuli were compared by measuring the secretion of perifused mouse islets, the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration of single beta-cells and the mobility ~~~
  5. ...insulin secretion . Diabetes Care 39 149 – 157 . ( doi:10.2337/dc15-0171 ) ↵ Caplan AI & Correa D 2011 The MSC: an injury drugstore . Cell Stem Cell 9 11 – 15 . ( doi:10.1016/j.stem.2011.06.008 ) Carlsson P-O , Schwarcz E , Korsgren O & Le Blanc K 2015 Preserved β-cell function in type 1 dia ~~~
  6. ...insulin secretion capacity (Zhang et al. 2008). Vascular disease is one of the important factors for the increased risks of stroke, heart attack and organ damage in diabetic patients (Fernández-Velasco  et  al. 2014). Hyperglycemia and hypertension that are considered to be the two hallmark features ~~~
  7. ...insulin secretion is inhibited in healthy lean males (Chakravarthy  et  al. 2017), we incubated with glucagon (10 nM) for long time to mimic the pathological state of hyperglucagonemia and stimulate excessive gluconeogenesis in HGP assay. In the assay, sodium lactate (20 mM) and sodium pyruvate (2 m ~~~
  8. ...insulin secretion is very similar to neurotransmitter secretion. Some neuron-enriched splicing regulators are also expressed in pancreatic β cells and play a role in regulating β cell survival and function. These include RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) that regulate the splicing of genes and are members ~~~
  9. ...insulin secretion in mice (Ohki-Hamazaki  et  al. 1997b, Guan  et  al. 2010, Metzger  et  al. 2010), and thus, BRS3 has been viewed as a promising therapeutic target to treat obesity and diabetes in humans (Guan et al. 2010, Majumdar & Weber 2012, Gonzalez et al. 2015). However, unlike NMBR/GRPR, hu ~~~
  10. ...insulin secretion and calcium usage in rodent and human islets associated with T1D and T2D (Boucher et al. 2004, Dula et al. 2010, Ramadan et al. 2011, Do et al. 2014, Burke et al. 2015b, Kenty & Melton 2015, Qureshi  et  al. 2015). Seventh, immune cells infiltrate the islets in both T1D and T2D (Ge ~~~
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