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  1. ...Foxo3 ~~~
  2. ...Foxo3 f Cyp19a1a f ovarian germ cell f ovarian follicular cell Correspondence should be addressed to W Zhang Email [email protected] Abstract FOXO3 has been shown to be a critical transcription factor for folliculogenesis in mammals, while the information on its roles in reproduction of nonmam ~~~
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  5. ...Foxo3 transcription factor has been reported to be the major effector of the PI3K/Akt pathway in context of PF activation and an essential role of Pten in regulation of Foxo3 within the oocyte was demonstrated (John et al. 2008). In Foxo3 knockout mice, PFs are assembled normally and subsequently un ~~~
  6. ...Foxo3 is a PI3K-dependent molecular switch controlling the initiation of oocyte growth. Developmental Biology 321 197–204. (doi:10.1016/ j.ydbio.2008.06.017) Jorgez CJ, Klysik M, Jamin SP, Behringer RR & Matzuk MM 2004 Granulosa cell-specific inactivation of follistatin causes female fertility defec ~~~
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  10. ...Foxo3 and Galt are two downstream targets of the mPRLR–PR1, where both of these are implicated during clinical ovarian failure in humans. This group also established that the mPRLR–PR1 mediates specific signaling pathways including downregulation of Sp1 target genes (Devi et al. 2009). Thus, while t ~~~
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