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Figure 7

Effect of the calcium channel activator Bay K 8644 (BK) pulse interval (15, 60 or 180 min) on LHβ, and FSHβ primary transcript (PT) levels. Pulse treatments were given for 6 h, and a GnRH pulse group (60-min interval) was included for comparison. Results are expressed as the percent change versus vehicle-pulsed controls (Con). Means±s.e.m. are shown; note the different scale for each panel. The number of chambers per group was 10–12, derived from four or five separate experiments. *P<0.05 versus control, #P<0.05 versus 15′ pulse BK group; +P<0.05 versus peak BK treatment group. Reproduced with permission from Haisenleder et al. 2001.

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