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Figure 1

The effects of GnRH antagonist (A) and testosterone (T) on pituitary β-subunit primary transcripts (PT) in CAST male rats. Rats (n=5–10/group) were CAST only or CAST and treated with GnRH antagonist LRF-147 (200 μg, s.c.) every 12 h with and without silastic T implants (designed to achieve T levels of 3.5 ng/ml). Rats were killed 0, 8 and 24 h later. All data are presented as percent 0-h (±s.e.) controls. Bars with different letters are significantly different (P<0.05). Reproduced with permission from Burger et al. 2004.

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  1. J Mol Endocrinol vol. 33 no. 3 559-584