Functional consequences of the first reported mutations of the proto-oncogene PTTG1IP/PBF

Supplementary Data

  • Supplementary Figure 1 - Subcellular localisation of untagged, HA-tagged and FLAG-tagged PBF. Immunofluorescent staining of HeLa and MCF7 cells transfected with untagged PBF, PBF-HA and FLAG-PBF. Untagged PBF was detected using the anti-PBF antibody and PBF-HA and FLAG-PBF using the anti-HA and anti-FLAG antibodies respectively. A similar vesicular pattern of localisation was observed for both tagged and untagged PBF protein. Magnification = 100x. Bars = 20 µm. (PDF 148 KB)

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  1. Endocr Relat Cancer September 1, 2017 vol. 24 no. 9 459-474
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