Journal-Based Learning

Please visit our journal-based learning portal to undertake educational activities on selected articles published in Endocrine-Related Cancer. To begin, please register.

This online-only service is free to use (at least for an initial trial period) following registration. Once you have registered, please log in to the portal where you can browse activities across all Bioscientifica publications by subject area, keep track of progress, and download certificates for all your completed activities. The programme is not currently formally accredited.


The primary audience for these activities is clinicians-in-training and early career scientists (completing PhDs and above) working in endocrinology, oncology and in all related disciplines. The activities will also be of interest to any clinician, scientist, researcher and/or other healthcare professional working in endocrinology, oncology or related disciplines.


A selection of Endocrine-Related Cancer articles that have associated educational activities on our portal are listed below. Sign up to receive the journal's newsletter to be informed when new activities are available.
  • Ralph Blumhardt, Ely A Wolin, William T Phillips, Umber A Salman, Ronald C Walker, Brendan C Stack, Jr, and Darlene Metter
  • Current controversies in the initial post-surgical radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer: a narrative review
  • Endocrine-Related Cancer 21 R473–R484
  • V Craig Jordan
  • The new biology of estrogen-induced apoptosis applied to treat and prevent breast cancer
  • Endocrine-Related Cancer 22 R1–R31
  • Tracy Proverbs-Singh, Jarett L Feldman, Michael J Morris, Karen A Autio and Tiffany A Traina
  • Targeting the androgen receptor in prostate and breast cancer: several new agents in development
  • Endocrine-Related Cancer 22 R87–R106
  • Simone de Brot, Atara Ntekim, Ryan Cardenas, Victoria James, Cinzia Allegrucci, David M Heery, David O Bates, Niels Ødum, Jenny L Persson, and Nigel P Mongan
  • Targeting the androgen receptor in prostate and breast cancer: several new agents in development
  • Endocrine-Related Cancer 22 R107–R123
  • Massimo Mannelli, Elena Rapizzi, Rossella Fucci, Letizia Canu, Tonino Ercolino, Michaela Luconi, and William F Young, Jr
  • Metabolism and pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma
  • Endocrine-Related Cancer 22 T83–T90

How to participate

First, visit our journal-based learning portal registration page. Following free registration, log in to the portal at any time to complete unlimited activities for free (at least for an initial trial period). Having read and reflected upon a given journal article, participants will need to answer all multiple-choice questions correctly before being able to download their certificate of completion (multiple attempts are permitted). The latest browser versions supported by our portal are Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Firefox 15 and Chrome 22. The site is mobile-compatible for devices with at least iOS 4 or Android 2.3.


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Disclosure policy

Any person involved in the journal-based learning programme is required to disclose any potential conflict of interest, including current or recent financial relationships with any commercial entity whose products or services are contained in the content.

Bioscientifica staff and freelancers working on the journal-based learning programme reported no conflict of interest. Article authors' declarations are stated in each journal article and journal editors' declarations are listed in the journal's Disclosure Policy

The programme does not receive any financial support from any commercial organisation. Freelance costs associated with the programme are funded by the Society for Endocrinology.

Privacy policy

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