Something old, something new

    1. Charis Eng
    1. Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute, Cleveland, 44195 Ohio, USA
    1. (Correspondence should be addressed to C Eng; Email: engc{at}

    I am both deeply honored and humbled to be the 4th Editor-in-Chief of Endocrine-Related Cancer, and am cognizant that I begin this term in the ‘best of times and the worst of times’ (with apologies to Charles Dickens).

    Why the best of times? I follow in the hallowed footsteps of my predecessors, Professors Vivian James, Marc Lippman, and most recently, James A Fagin, who have molded this journal into the pride that it is today: increasing the quality, slowly but surely over the years, and giving it its character by breadth and depth. My editorial team and I will follow in this successful trajectory and continue to increase the quality of the journal on all fronts.

    The intersection of research, technology, and …

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