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Figure 1

A possible diagnostic work-up in palpable thyroid nodules.1Control visit after 4 weeks (clinical examination plus ultrasound; FNAB – if indicated by, for example, palpable solid remnants of the cyst or peripherally localized solid tissue within the cystic lesion). 2Next visit after 6–8 weeks and then a 3 month interval (supplementary l-T4 therapy if indicated; surgery if relapse). 3Higher risk of malignancy in nonclassic subtype. 4Consider molecular markers: if positive–surgery, if negative–surgery in cold and hot nodules vs follow-up in a warm nodule. 5Next visit after 4–6 weeks and then a 3 month interval (l-T4 – if indicated and consider FNAB or direct surgery if tumor enlargement or suspicious appearance on US). 6Any palpable solid/or mixed, cold/or hot nodule should be removed even with benign cytology but the time and the extent of surgery may differ, depending on all the diagnostic data.

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  1. Endocr Relat Cancer vol. 13 no. 2 427-453