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  1. ...with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. In vivo effects 174 were tested in 2 trials. 5.0 10 NC/shBRCA2-transfected CAOV-3 cells were 175 subcutaneously injected into the left armpit of 4-week-old BALB/c nude mice (Ctr. Lab. 176 Anim., Chongqing Med. Univ.), with 5 animals in each group. CDDP ~~~
  2. ...into this process, we generated mice lacking the SDH subunit D (Sdhd) in the thyroid. We report that these mice develop enlarged thyroid glands with follicle hypellularity and increased proliferation. In vitro, human thyroid cell lines with knockdown of SDHD exhibit an enhanced migratory capability, despite ~~~
  3. ...and harvested for expression assays. 143 Establishment of castration-resistant prostate cancer tumor xenografts 144 VCaP cells (2 10 cells/100 l mixed 1:1 in Matrigel) were injected subcutaneously into the 145 flanks of 6-8 week old intact male SCID mice and allowed to grow for 14 weeks totally. Host 146 ~~~
  4. ...mice in adulthood. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences113 716 E2383-E2392. 717 Ku GY, Yuan J, Page DB, Schroeder SE, Panageas KS, Carvajal RD, Chapman PB, Schwartz GK, 718 Allison JP & Wolchok JD 2010 Single-institution experience with ipilimumab in 719 advancedmelanoma patients in the c ~~~
  5. ...nongenomically initiated at the thyroid 378 hormone-tetrac receptor site on integrin v3 is at 10 to 10 M (Lin, et al. 2011). 379 The antagonistic effects were observed by tetrac in the myeloma cell models mainly at 380 high molar concentrations. However, no toxicity was detected in mice treated with up 381 ~~~
  6. ...of TOP1MT on tumor metastasis was further demonstrated in vivo. All nude mice were treated according to ethical guidelines for the care and use of experimental animals. shTOP1MT and scramble control (5 106) GC cells (BGC-823 and SGC-7901 cell lines) were subcutaneously injected into the flanks ~~~
  7. ...ability of RET to induce IL8 production, Broutin and colleagues, identified IL8 as a 341 potential soluble biomarker of therapeutic response to Sunitinib in MTC patients 342 (Broutin, et al. 2011). 343 344 3.2.2 Mechanisms of immune surveillance in MTC 345 Studies in mice demonstrated that experimental ~~~
  8. ...) cells and breast cancer cells originally lacking TRs have shown that the reexpression of TR1 abolishes tumor growth and migration (Martinez-Iglesias et al. 2009) while preventing tumor formation by RAS-transformed cells in nude mice, even under hypothyroid conditions (Aranda et al. 2009 ~~~
  9. ...papillary thyroid cancer cells following 119 treatment of immunodeficient mice with IL-8 (Fang et al. 2014). However, a 120 retrospective study of patients with thyroid cancers found a favorable association 121 between the number of tumour-infiltrating macrophages and improved disease-free 122 Page 6 of 65 ~~~
  10. ...TRII, a vital component in TGF-beta signaling pathway, was deleted. Menin expression was also decreased in liver samples from the conditional TRIIknockout mice after TRII excision (Zhang et al. 2011). Wnt signaling Menin was shown to be crucial for regulating canonical Wnt/-catenin signaling ~~~
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