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  1. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma ~~~
  2. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma cells and accompanying inflammatory cells. Certainly, more studies are warranted to replicate these results and clarify these findings (Bongiovanni et al. 2017). Angell and coworkers demonstrated that papillary thyroid carcinomas harboring the BRAF V600E mutation frequent ~~~
  3. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma samples (Maio et al. 2003). In another study, NY-ESO-1 was not expressed in several thyroid cancer cell lines. However, epigenetic modification of these cells with the hypo-methylating agent 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine forced the expression of NY-ESO-1 in both in vitro and in ~~~
  4. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC), phaeochromocytoma and parathyroid 9 hyperplasia in MEN2A, and MTC, phaeochromocytomas, ganglioneuromatosis and skeletal 10 abnormalities in MEN2B. The aggressiveness of MTC is variable according to genotype, and although 11 it is still the major cause of mortality ~~~
  5. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma and phaeochromocytoma. Br J Cancer 84 791 808-812. 792 Gut P, Czarnywojtek A, Fischbach J, Baczyk M, Ziemnicka K, Wrotkowska E, Gryczynska M & Ruchala M 2016 793 Chromogranin A - unspecific neuroendocrine marker. Clinical utility and potential diagnostic pitfalls. Arch 79 ~~~
  6. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma in preclinical 579 models. Clin Cancer Res 17 2044-2054. 580 Cali B, Molon B & Viola A 2017 Tuning cancer fate: the unremitting role of host 581 immunity. Open Biol 7. 582 Carvalho DFG, Zanetti BR, Miranda L, Hassumi-Fukasawa MK, Miranda-Camargo F, 583 Crispim JCO & Soare ~~~
  7. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma – preliminary report. Thyroid Research 3 10. (doi:10.1186/1756-6614-3-10) Haugen BR, Alexander EK, Bible KC, Doherty GM, Mandel SJ, Nikiforov YE, Pacini F, Randolph GW, Sawka AM, Schlumberger M, et al. 2016 2015 American Thyroid Association Management Guidelines for adult ~~~
  8. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) cells reduces the vascularization and growth of grafted tumors (Yalcin et  al. 2010a,b). The tetrac-associated inhibition of angiogenesis has been observed in a variety of tumor xenografts, indicating a therapeutic potential that merits exploration in clinical setti ~~~
  9. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC), pheochromocytoma and PHPT. MEN2 is further divided into MEN2A (OMIM #171400) that typically manifests with MTC, pheochromocytoma, and PHPT and MEN2B (OMIM #162300) that manifests with MEN2A features, although typically lacking PHPT, ganglioneuromas of the lips, ton ~~~
  10. ...medullary thyroid carcinoma typically required tumor extension beyond the basement 135 membrane, demonstration of lymphatic or vascular invasion, or both. 136 Page 5 of 33 Pheochromocytoma typically was diagnosed in the presence of raised plasma-free metanephrines and 137 normetanephrines, or 24-h u ~~~
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