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  1. ...1866-1870. 470 Cheung CP, Yu S, Wong KB, Chan LW, Lai FM, Wang X, Suetsugi M, Chen S & Chan FL 471 2005 Expression and functional study of estrogen receptor-related receptors in human 472 prostatic cells and tissues. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 90 1830-1844. 473 Page 20 of 38 21 Grasso CS, Wu YM, Robinson ~~~
  2. ...estradiol (E2) has risen in recent years, especially as a possible factor in the development of prostate cancer. A shift from apoptosis-inducing estrogen receptor (ER)- signaling to the growth-stimulatory effects of ER- during PC evolution suggests a proliferative role of estrogens in advanced disease ~~~
  3. ..., Milano, Italy Abstract Five years of adjuvant therapy with anti-estrogens reduce the incidence of disease progression by about 50% in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients, but late relapse can still occur after anti-estrogens have been discontinued. In these patients, excessive androgen ~~~
  4. ...the estrogen receptor alpha (ER). This observation highlights the crosstalk between THs and estrogen signaling pathways in certain cancer cells, culminating in specific intranuclear events Figure2 Proposed mechanism of genomic and nongenomic actions of THs in the neoplastic process. The actions of THs occur ~~~
  5. ...estrogen receptor activation to histone H3K4 trimethylation. Cancer Research 66 4929–4935. (doi:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-05-4461) Dreijerink KM, Varier RA, van Nuland R, Broekhuizen R, Valk GD, van der Wal JE, Lips CJ, Kummer JA & Timmers HT 2009 Regulation of vitamin D receptor function in MEN1-relate ~~~
  6. ...and inducible mouse models were generated. Schnepp and coworkers (Schnepp et al. 2006) crossed the Men138flox/flox/Rip-Cre mice described above (Crabtree etal. 2003) with Cre-ER (estrogen receptor) transgenic mice expressing Cre under the control of a ubiquitously active human ubiquitin carrier 9 (UBC9 ~~~
  7. able to interact with the estrogen receptor alpha (ER) ligandbinding domain in an estradiol (E2)-dependent fashion (Dreijerinketal. 2006). This interaction is important for transcription of ER target genes through recruitment of H3K4me3 methyltransferase activity. Menin also regulates transcription ~~~
  8. ...(Seigne et al. 2013). However, in sporadic breast cancer, menin seems to have a proliferative function. In breast cancer cell lines, menin is a co-activator of the estrogen receptor alpha, a critical driver in approximately 70% of sporadic breast cancer cases. Menin has been reported to be involved ~~~
  9. ...the bony metastatic niche. The selective estrogen receptor modulator raloxifene increased the activity of the BMP-4 promoter in U-2 OS osteoblast-like cells. ER- is thought to be indispensable for this effect on the BMP-4 promoter and may be part of the mechanism of this agents in reducing both ~~~
  10. ...testosterone to be aromatized to estrogen, which may 212 also have effects on the immune system. Using steroid binding assays, human CD8+ T cells were 213 determined to express estrogen receptors (Stimson 1988), and subsequent studies using flow cytometry 214 and immunofluorescence identified both ER and ER ~~~
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