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  1. .../kg (durvalumab) + 200 or 300 mg (olaparib) 2/day; 1500 mg (durvalumab) + 300 mg (olaparib) 2/day Ovarian cancer and triple-negative breast cancer 10 patients with ovarian cancer + 2 patients with triple-negative breast cancer I/II 11.1% (6months) NR NR 55.5% (4months) NR NR NR 25% Lee etal. (2016 ~~~
  2. ...breast cancer and improves survival in a spontaneous prostate cancer model. Oncotarget 6 28194–28210. (doi:10.18632/ oncotarget.4442) Kwon ED, Drake CG, Scher HI, Fizazi K, Bossi A, van den Eertwegh AJ, Krainer M, Houede N, Santos R, Mahammedi H, et al. 2014 Ipilimumab versus placebo after radiother ~~~
  3. ...breast cancer ~~~
  4. .... 2003, Sato et al. 2005), colorectal (Galon et al. 2006, Teng et al. 2015) and breast cancers (Wang et al. 2016). In human papillary thyroid cancers, lymphocyte density is also associated with better overall survival and lower recurrence of tumors (Matsubayashi et al. 1995, Kuo et al. 2017 ~~~
  5. ...neuroendocrine differentiation has not been reported, such as primary hepatocellular 315 cancer (Spadaro et al. 2005) and breast cancer (Giovanella et al. 2001). To date, the capability of 316 circulating CgA in discriminating NEN from other malignancies has been evaluated by many 317 studies, which reported ~~~
  6. ...remained unclear. Knockdown of BRCA2 enhanced 351 cell death induced by AZ2281 (a PARP inhibitor) in breast cancer cells, where autophagy 352 was involved in cell death via eliminating mitochondria (Arun et al. 2015). DNA damages 353 induced autophagy via the ATM- or PARP1-dependent pathway (Eliopoulos et ~~~
  7. ...of rare high penetrance genetic syndromes or from more prevalent low-penetrance susceptibility genes (Nagy et al. 2004, Tomsic et al. 2015). Cowden syndrome (CS) is an autosomal dominant disorder that is characterized by high risk of breast cancer, thyroid neoplasms, uterine tumors, gastrointestinal ~~~
  8. ...and hepatoma cells (Moya, et al. 2010)], embryonic stem cells (Xie, et al. 2009) and also a 113 few cancer types [including lung cancer (Jeong, et al. 2010); colon cancer (Modica, et al. 114 2009); breast cancer stromal cells (Knower, et al. 2013)]. The expression profile datasets of 115 NRs as disclosed ~~~
  9. ...survivors have significantly higher fasting insulin 231 concentrations than healthy persons (Jiang et al. 2014). Our findings are similar to studies in 232 breast cancer survivors that exise reduces fasting insulin concentrations (Irwin, et al. 2009; 233 Ligibel, et al. 2008). 234 In prior cross ~~~
  10. ..., Luidens MK, Mousa SA, Hbergs 533 AH & Davis PJ 2009 Modification of survival pathway gene expression in human breast cancer 534 cells by tetraiodothyroacetic acid (tetrac). Cell Cycle 8 3554-3562. 535 Hellevik A, Asvold B, Bjro T, Romundstad P, Nilsen T & Vatten L 2009 Thyroid function and 536 cancer ~~~
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