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  1. ...Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, 16 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong, China; phone: 17 +86 (852) 39436841; fax: +86 (852) 26035123; email: [email protected]; 18 [email protected] 19 Abbreviations 20 NR: nuclear receptor; AR: androgen receptor; PCSCs ~~~
  2. .... The androgen receptor is the primary driver of tumor cell proliferation and is activated by the androgens testosterone and 5-dihydrotestosterone. Inhibition of this pathway through medical or surgical castration improves survival in the majority of advanced prostate cancer patients. However, conversion ~~~
  3. ...-generation hormonal therapies. Several in vitro studies suggest that androgen receptor 23 gain-of-function mutations are involved in this syndrome, shifting the antiandrogen activity from 24 antagonist to agonist. Several different drug-specific point mutations have been reported. The 25 association of the withdrawal ~~~
  4. ...production may account for renewed excessive estrogen formation and increased risks of late relapse. In the 50% of patients who do not benefit with anti-estrogens, the effect of therapy is limited by de novo or acquired resistance to treatment. Androgen receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor ~~~
  5. ...receptor (RXR), the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR) alpha and gamma, the liver X receptor (LXR) alpha and the androgen receptor (AR) (Dreijerink etal. 2006, 2009a, Cheng etal. 2011, 2015, Malik etal. 2015). The clinical relevance of the meninNR interaction was investigated ~~~
  6. ...). This highlights the important influence of other signalling pathways and the canonical or noncanonical BMP signalling pathways, and may be one of the reasons for the varied and sometimes contradictory study outcomes regarding BMPs in breast cancer. BMPs and the androgen receptor More recently androgen receptor ~~~
  7. ...therapy, AR androgen receptor, CRPC castration resistant 22 prostate cancer, DHT dihydrotestosterone, LHRH Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone, PSA prostate 23 specific antigen, sip-T sipuleucel T 24 25 26 27 28 Page 1 of 32 Accepted Preprint first posted on 16 August 2017 as Manuscript ERC-17 ~~~
  8. ...androgen receptor mediated therapeutic target for prostate cancer. Endocrine-Related Cancer 16 325–332. (doi:10.1677/-08-0205) Dai J & Higgins JM 2005 Haspin: a mitotic histone kinase required for metaphase chromosome alignment. Cell Cycle 4 665–668. (doi:10.4161/cc.4.5.1683) DeBonis S, Skoufias DA, ~~~
  9. ...number of genes. This concept holds true for the androgen receptor, which displays a diversity of inclusion/exclusion events in its structural motifs as a mechanism of resistance to the most forefront anti-androgen therapies. More than 20 androgen receptor variants that lack various portions of ligand ~~~
  10. ...androgen receptor subtype (Lindner et al. 2013). Thus, it is reasonable to conjecture that the basal-like 1 subtype evinces greater CA than the luminal androgen receptor subtypes, an interesting avenue for future research. Conclusions In summary, CA appears to be a correlate of aggressive disease fe ~~~
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