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Figure 1

Effects of Everolimus and IGF1 on P-NET primary cultures. P-NET primary cultures were incubated in 96-well plates for 48 h in a culture medium supplemented with 100 nM Everolimus with (black bars) or without 100 nM IGF1 (white bars); control cells were treated with a vehicle solution. Cell viability and caspase activation of each primary culture were measured as a luminescent signal. According to the response to Everolimus in terms of cell viability inhibition, the samples were divided into ‘responder’ (6 samples) (A) and ‘non-responder’ (14 samples) (B). Data from P-NET primary cultures were evaluated independently with six replicates each, and expressed as the mean value ± s.e.m. percent cell viability inhibition vs untreated control cells (upper panels) or as the mean value ± s.e.m. percent caspase activation vs untreated control cells (lower panels). *P < 0.05 and ***P < 0.001 vs untreated control cells. #P < 0.05 and ###P < 0.001 vs cells treated with Everolimus alone.

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  1. Endocr Relat Cancer vol. 23 no. 11 883-891