Open Access Option – make your article free to all

As an author publishing in Society for Endocrinology journals, you may choose to make your article available freely available to all, without access restrictions, immediately upon publication, in return for an author-side fee.

The Open Access Option gives you the following benefits:

  • Your article, in its final, definitive version of record, becomes freely available to all immediately upon publication.
  • We will also deposit it on PubMed Central on your behalf, for immediate release on the day of publication.
  • You are free to deposit your article onto other free online repositories for public view immediately upon publication (subject to the Society's detailed policy).
  • The charge for this service includes colour illustrations in the online version.
  • The article will be published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attibution licence (CC-BY), which permits unrestricted use and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

If the corresponding author is based at a not-for-profit institution that subscribes to the journal in question, the fee for the Open Access Option is £1000 + VAT (sales tax) (price is in UK pounds); otherwise, it is £2000 + VAT.

Please note that this is compulsory, as a condition of publication, if your paper is subject to a mandate, whether from your funding body, institution or elsewhere, to release your article on an open repository within a deadline that is less than 12 months. This will be the case for articles funded by the Wellcome Trust or the UK's Medical Research Council, for example. Such funding bodies will normally make funds available to pay for the Open Access Fee. However, it is not compulsory if your research was funded by the US NIH. The journal will automatically deposit NIH funded manuscripts to PubMed Central, for release 12 months from publication. You will then be in compliance with the policies of both NIH and the Society.

If you are not under such a mandate and you prefer not to choose the Open Access Option, you may still publish in Society for Endocrinology journals, without paying any publication charges, but the full text of your paper will be subject to access controls for an initial period, currently one year. (During this period it will only be accessible by subscribers or other readers who select ‘pay per view’.) In addition, you will not be able to release your article on open repositories (such as PubMed Central, institutional repositories or other web sites) until a year after final publication, and then only as the accepted manuscript, not the final published version of record. For details, see the Society's policy on self-archiving.

If your article is a review article or commentary, it will in any case be made freely available on the journal's web site immediately upon publication.