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  1. ...stable isotopes in humans. The concentration of lipids in a blood sample can must not change its metabolic characteristics. One way to achieve this is to use stable or radioactive isotopes. Stable isotopes are not a source of ionising radiation,of triacylglycerol (TAG) and cholesterol, is a major ri ~~~
  2. ...stable isotopes like deuterium, 13C, or 15N allowed the absolute quantitation of metabolites. The data set represented a subset of that used in the smoking study by Wang-Sattler et al. (2008) describedETFDH, and SLC16A9) encoding enzymes or solute carriers with functions that matched the associated ~~~
  3. ...stable isotopes ([13C9]T4). Quantification methods for endogenous and exogenous (stable isotope-labeled) thyroid hormones in animal serum using online solid-phase extraction (SPE) LC–MS/MS were developed using [2H5]T4 as an internal standard. After i.v. administration of [13C9]T4 to Tx and control r ~~~
  4. ...stable isotopes it is easily possible to measure accurately the rates of glucose production (‘rate of appearance’ – Ra) and rates of glucose utilisation (‘rate of disappearance’ – Rd) of glucose in the circulating blood. When these techniques were applied in people with uncontrolled diabetes it was ~~~
  5. ...stable isotopes to trace individual tissue uptake of glucose in endotoxic steers treated with and without gonadal steroids is needed to measure rates of glucose appearance in and disappearance from blood. Hypoglycemia develops after initial hyperglycemia and results from increased uptake of glucose ~~~
  6. ...stable isotopes ~~~
  7. ...stable isotopes will be of considerable value in providing definitive methodology to check steroid concentrations in quality control of samples of plasma and thereby a more effective quality control scheme. The authors thank the Tenovus Organisation for generous financial support and Mr A. W. Pike f ~~~
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