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  1. ...hypothalamus ~~~
  2. ...hypothalamus 58 and pituitary to suppress further production of ACTH in a negative feedback loop [Figure 1A] 59 [Keller-Wood & Dalman 1984]. The human adult adrenal is characterised by three distinctive 60 cortical zones surrounding the medulla; the zona glomerulosa (ZG) where mineralocorticoids 61 ~~~
  3. ...hypothalamus (Pereira et al. 2015) or skeletal muscle (Spangenburg et al. 2006, Trenerry et al. 2007, Begue et al. 2013). Since whole-body SOCS3-knockout mice exhibit embryonic lethality (Roberts et al. 2001), we employed the Cre-loxP system to produce tissue-specific SOCS3 ablation, as previously d ~~~
  4. ...hypothalamus ~~~
  5. ...hypothalamus by its ability to inhibit GH secretion (Brazeau  et  al. 1973). SST is widely distributed throughout the human central nervous system and also in peripheral tissues, where it has a broad range of biological actions including regulation of neurotransmission, inhibition of pituitary and g ~~~
  6. ...hypothalamus of hypothyroid pups (Taylor et al. 2008, Sharlin et al. 2010). Probably, the regulation of D2 expression during hypothyroidism is tissue specific and the lack of D2 increase in vasculature may reflect a particular vulnerability of blood vessels to the endocrine disruption. The level of ~~~
  7. ...hypothalamus was shown to be pivotal in mediating these effects (Song et al. 2008, Monge-Roffarello et al. 2014b, Zhang & Bi 2015). In support of this, studies employing retrograde tracers revealed the existence of a direct connection between hypothalamic nuclei and iBAT (Bamshad  et  al.  1999, Old ~~~
  8. ...hypothalamus are important regulators of lactotropic cells in the pituitary gland. Dopamine released from these neurons travels to the pituitary gland and acts on D2 receptors located on the lactotropes of the pituitary gland to reduce secretion of PRL hormone and inhibit control of the lactotropic ~~~
  9. ...hypothalamus and mammillary body), medulla oblongata and pons. Low abundance was observed in the pineal gland, olfactory bulb and occipital cortex. In contrast, CNP concentrations were much higher in the anterior pituitary (28.2 ± 3.5 pmol/g) and posterior pituitary (15.7 ± 4.5 pmol/g) lobes (Fig.  ~~~
  10. ...hypothalamus to influence the timing of puberty. This review will depict research showing the molecular and physiological actions of Mn in the control of prepubertal LHRH and discuss the potential for the element to cause either helpful or harmful outcomes on the developmental process depending upon ~~~
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