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Figure 1

The remarkable impact of r-metHuLeptin on body weight in children with congenital leptin deficiency. (A) Weights of child A compared with normal centiles for girls and of child B and child C compared with normal centiles for boys. Arrows indicate the start of r-metHuLeptin therapy. (B) Clinical photographs of child B before (height, 107 cm) and 24 months after r-metHuLeptin therapy (height, 124 cm). Reproduced from Farooqi IS, Matarese G, Lord GM, Keogh JM, Lawrence E, Agwu C, Sanna V, Jeff SA, Perna F, Fontana S, et al. 2002 Beneficial effects of leptin on obesity, T cell hyporesponsiveness, and neuroendocrine/metabolic dysfunction of human congenital leptin deficiency. Journal of Clinical Investigation 110 1093–1103, with permission from the American Society for Clinical Investigation. Copyright 2002.

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  1. J Endocrinol vol. 223 no. 1 T71-T81