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'Starling Reviews' are a series of specially-commissioned reviews on cutting-edge topics published in The Journal of Endocrinology to celebrate 100 years of hormones in 2005. More details can be found here

  • REVIEW: Suresh Veeramani, Ta-Chun Yuan, Siu-Ju Chen, Fen-Fen Lin, Juliette E Petersen, Syed Shaheduzzaman, Shiv Srivastava, Richard G
    MacDonald, and Ming-Fong Lin
    Cellular prostatic acid phosphatase: a protein tyrosine phosphatase involved in androgen-independent proliferation of prostate cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 805-822 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • REVIEW: B Jarzab, D Handkiewicz-Junak, and J Wloch
    Juvenile differentiated thyroid carcinoma and the role of radioiodine in its treatment: a qualitative review
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 773-803 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • REVIEW: Anna Bagnato, Francesca Spinella, and Laura Rosanò
    Emerging role of the endothelin axis in ovarian tumor progression
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 761-772 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • REVIEW: R Serra and M R Crowley
    Mouse models of transforming growth factor ß impact in breast development and cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 749-760 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • REVIEW: Nicola Normanno, Massimo Di Maio, Ermelinda De Maio, Antonella De Luca, Andrea de Matteis, Antonio Giordano, Francesco Perrone on
    behalf of the NCI-Naples Breast Cancer Group
    Mechanisms of endocrine resistance and novel therapeutic strategies in breast cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 721-747 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • REVIEW: Takashi Suzuki, Yasuhiro Miki, Yasuhiro Nakamura, Takuya Moriya, Kiyoshi Ito, Noriaki Ohuchi, and Hironobu Sasano
    Sex steroid-producing enzymes in human breast cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 701-720 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • REVIEW: G A Kaltsas, D Papadogias, P Makras, and A B Grossman
    Treatment of advanced neuroendocrine tumours with radiolabelled somatostatin analogues
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 683-699 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • STARLING REVIEW: A J W Hsueh, P Bouchard, and I Ben-Shlomo
    Hormonology: a genomic perspective on hormonal research
    Journal of Endocrinology187 333-338 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Trinna L Cuellar and Michael T McManus
    MicroRNAs and endocrine biology
    Journal of Endocrinology187 327-332 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
    Parathyroid hormone: past and present
    Journal of Endocrinology187 311-325 (December 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • STARLING REVIEW: F Labrie, V Luu-The, A Bélanger, S-X Lin, J Simard, G Pelletier, and C Labrie
    Is dehydroepiandrosterone a hormone?
    Journal of Endocrinology187 169-196 (November 2005) [Abstract][Full Text][PDF]
  • STARLING REVIEW: K Boelaert and J A Franklyn
    Thyroid hormone in health and disease
    Journal of Endocrinology187 1-15 (October 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: R Nawar and D Aron
    Adrenal incidentalomas — a continuing management dilemma
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 585-598 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: G A Clines and T A Guise
    Hypercalcaemia of malignancy and basic research on mechanisms responsible for osteolytic and osteoblastic metastasis to bone
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 549-583 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: E M Rosen, S Fan, and C Isaacs
    BRCA1 in hormonal carcinogenesis: basic and clinical research
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 533-548 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: K-M Rau, H-Y Kang, T-L Cha, S A Miller, and M-C Hung
    The mechanisms and managements of hormone-therapy resistance in breast and prostate cancers
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 511-532 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: S A Khan, D Bhandare, and R T Chatterton, Jr
    The local hormonal environment and related biomarkers in the normal breast
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 497-510 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: Daniel Medina
    Mammary developmental fate and breast cancer risk
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 483-495 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
    The endocrinology of sexual arousal
    Journal of Endocrinology186 411-427 (September 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Nicole Draper and Paul M Stewart
    11ß-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and the pre-receptor regulation of corticosteroid hormone action
    Journal of Endocrinology186 251-271 (August 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: Yue Chen, Jeffrey D Zajac and Helen E MacLean
    Androgen regulation of satellite cell function
    Journal of Endocrinology186 21-31 (July 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • STARLING REVIEW: John M C Connell and Eleanor Davies
    The new biology of aldosterone
    Journal of Endocrinology186 1-20 (July 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: M Xing
    mutation in thyroid cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 245-262 (June 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: Z Culig, H Steiner, G Bartsch, and A Hobisch
    Mechanisms of endocrine therapy-responsive and -unresponsive prostate tumours
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 229-244 (June 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: S O Wurtz, A-S Schrohl, N Moller Sorensen, U Lademann, I J Christensen, H Mouridsen, and N Brunner
    Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 in breast cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 215-227 (June 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: C J Fabian, B F Kimler, M S Mayo, and S A Khan
    Breast-tissue sampling for risk assessment and prevention
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 185-213 (June 2005) [Abstract][Full Text] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: S A Bustin, V Benes, T Nolan, and M W Pfaffl
    Quantitative real-time RT-PCR – a perspective
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology34 597-601 (June 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Eun Jig Lee and J Larry Jameson
    Gene therapy of pituitary diseases
    Journal of Endocrinology185 353-362 (June 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Richard Eastell
    Role of oestrogen in the regulation of bone turnover at the menarche
    Journal of Endocrinology185 223-234 (May 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: S R Davis, I Dinatale, L Rivera-Woll, and S Davison
    Postmenopausal hormone therapy: from monkey glands to transdermal patches
    Journal of Endocrinology185 207-222 (May 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: H K Kinyamu, J Chen, and T K Archer
    Linking the ubiquitin–proteasome pathway to chromatin remodeling/modification by nuclear receptors
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology34 281-297 (April 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Arnaud Droit, Guy G Poirier, and Joanna M Hunter
    Experimental and bioinformatic approaches for interrogating protein-protein interactions to determine protein function
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology34 263-280 (April 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Andrew W Stoker
    Protein tyrosine phosphatases and signalling
    Journal of Endocrinology185 19-33 (April 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Pablo Mendez, Inigo Azcoitia and Luis Miguel Garcia-Segura
    Interdependence of oestrogen and insulin-like growth factor-I in the brain: potential for analysing neuroprotective mechanisms
    Journal of Endocrinology185 11-17 (April 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Jennifer H Steel, Roger White, and Malcolm G Parker
    Role of the RIP140 corepressor in ovulation and adipose biology
    Journal of Endocrinology185 1-9 (April 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Markus Luster, Francesco Lippi, Barbara Jarzab, Petros Perros, Michael Lassmann, Christoph Reiners, and Furio Pacini
    rhTSH-aided radioiodine ablation and treatment of differentiated thyroid carcinoma: a comprehensive review
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 49-64 (March 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: D M Peehl
    Primary cell cultures as models of prostate cancer development
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 19-47 (March 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: L A Emens, R T Reilly, and E M Jaffee
    Breast cancer vaccines: maximizing cancer treatment by tapping into host immunity
    Endocrine-Related Cancer12 1-17 (March 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Geoffrey J Beckett and John R Arthur
    Selenium and endocrine systems
    Journal of Endocrinology184 455-465 (March 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Donald Pfaff
    Hormone-driven mechanisms in the central nervous system facilitate the analysis of mammalian behaviours
    Journal of Endocrinology184 447-453 (March 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Katie Wynne, Sarah Stanley, Barbara McGowan, and Steve Bloom
    Appetite control
    Journal of Endocrinology184 291-318 (February 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: Roger Guillemin
    Hypothalamic hormones a.k.a. hypothalamic releasing factors
    Journal of Endocrinology184 11-28 (January 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • STARLING REVIEW: John Henderson
    Ernest Starling and ‘Hormones’: an historical commentary
    Journal of Endocrinology184 5-10 (January 2005) [Abstract][Full Text]

    Journal of Endocrinology184 3-4 (January 2005) [Full Text]
  • FOREWORD: Julian R E Davis and Adrian J L Clark
    Journal of Endocrinology184 [Full Text]
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