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  • REVIEW: Howard I Scher, Grant Buchanan, William Gerald, Lisa M Butler & Wayne D Tilley
    Targeting the androgen receptor: improving outcomes for castration-resistant prostate cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer11 459-475 (September 2004) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Hema Parmar & Gerald R Cunha
    Epithelial-stromal interactions in the mouse and human mammary gland in vivo
    Endocrine-Related Cancer11 437-458 (September 2004) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Graeme Eisenhofer, Stefan R Bornstein, Frederieke M Brouwers, Nai-Kong V Cheung, Patricia L Dahia, Ronald R de Krijger, Thomas J Giordano, Lloyd A Greene, David S Goldstein, Hendrik Lehnert, William M Manger, John M Maris, Hartmut P H Neumann, Karel Pacak, Barry L Shulkin, David I Smith, Arthur S Tischler & William F Young Jr
    Malignant pheochromocytoma: current status and initiatives for future progress
    Endocrine-Related Cancer11 423-436 (September 2004) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Annamaria Biroccio & Carlo Leonetti
    Telomerase as a new target for the treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer11 407-421 (September 2004) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Kellie L Jones & Aman U Buzdar
    A review of adjuvant hormonal therapy in breast cancer
    Endocrine-Related Cancer11 391-406 (September 2004) [Abstract][Full Text]
  • REVIEW: Lance Lanyon, Victoria Armstrong, Delia Ong, Gul Zaman & J Price
    Is estrogen receptor α key to controlling bones± resistance to fracture?
    Journal of Endocrinology182 183-191 (August 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: R ±±±ik, C H Woelk & J Corbeil
    Microarray truths and consequences
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology33 1-9 (August 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: R P Donn & D W Ray
    Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF): molecular, cellular and genetic aspects of a key neuroendocrine molecule
    Journal of Endocrinology182 1-9 (July 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: Richard H Foster
    Reciprocal influences between the signalling pathways regulating proliferation and seroidogenesis in adrenal glomerulosa cells
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology32 893-902 (June 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: C Pieau & M Dorizzi
    Oestrogens and temperature-dependent sex determination in reptiles: all is in the gonads
    Journal of Endocrinology181 367-377 (June 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: Jeanette I Webster & Esther M Sternberg
    Role of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, glucocorticoids and glucocorticoid receptors in toxic sequelae of exposure to bacterial and viral products
    Journal of Endocrinology181 207-221 (May 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: Bice Chini and Marco Parenti
    G-protein coupled receptors in lipid rafts and caveolae: how, when and why do they go there?
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology32 325-338 (April 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: J Ren
    Leptin and hyperleptinemia - from friend to foe for cardiovascular function
    Journal of Endocrinology181 1-10 (April 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: J D Johnston
    Photoperiodic regulation of prolactin secretion: changes in intra-pituitary signalling and lactotroph heterogeneity
    Journal of Endocrinology180 351-356 (March 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: N G±rard, M Caillaud, A Martoriati, G Goudet & A-C Lalmanach
    The interleukin-1system and female reproduction
    Journal of Endocrinology180 203-212 (February 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: C Delarue, J M Conlon, I Remy-Jouet, A Fournier and H Vaudry
    Endothelins as local activators of adrenocortical cells
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology32 1-7 (February 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: T Walther & H Stepan
    C-type natriuretic peptide in reproduction, pregnancy and fetal development
    Journal of Endocrinology180 17-22 (January 2004) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: A J Drake & B R Walker
    The intergenerational effects of fetal programming: non-genomic mechanisms for the inheritance of low birth weight and cardiovascular risk
    Journal of Endocrinology180 1-16 (January 2004) [Abstract][PDF]

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