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  • REVIEW: S L-A Samson and N C W Wong
    Role of sp1 in insulin regulation of gene expression
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology29 265-279 (December 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: P J O'Shea and G R Williams
    Insight into the physiological actions of thyroid hormone receptors from genetically modified mice
    Journal of Endocrinology175 553-570 (December 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: K L Britt and J K Findlay
    Estrogen actions in the ovary revisited
    Journal of Endocrinology175 269-276 (November 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • Beyond Carrier Proteins: Integrative and Evolutionary Roles of Hormone-Binding Proteins - A special section consisting of 12 papers:
    • B Dabovic, Y Chen, C Colarossi, L Zambuto, H Obata & D B Rifkin
      Bone defects in latent TGF-β binding protein (Ltbp)-3 null mice; a role for Ltbp in TGF-β presentation.
      Journal of Endocrinology175 129-141 (October 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
    • M E Baker
      Albumin, steroid hormones and the origin of vertebrates
      Journal of Endocrinology175 121-127 (October 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
    • S M Kahn, D J Hryb, A M Nakhla, N A Romas & W Rosner
      Sex hormone-binding globulin is synthesized in target cells
      Journal of Endocrinology175 113-120 (October 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
    • C W Breuner & M Orchinik
      Plasma binding proteins as mediators of corticosteroid action in vertebrates
      Journal of Endocrinology175 99-112 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • A F Seasholtz, R A Valverde & R J Denver
      Corticotropin-releasing hormone-binding protein: biochemistry and function from fishes to mammals
      Journal of Endocrinology175 89-97 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • F Gonzalez-Fernandez
      Evolution of the visual cycle: the role of retinoid-binding proteins
      Journal of Endocrinology175 75-87 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • G Schreiber
      The evolutionary and integrative roles of transthyretin in thyroid hormone homeostasis
      Journal of Endocrinology175 61-73 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • F Talamantes & R Ortiz
      Structure and regulation of expression of the mouse GH receptor
      Journal of Endocrinology175 55-59 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • C Duan
      Specifying the cellular responses to IGF signals: roles of IGF-binding proteins
      Journal of Endocrinology175 41-54 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • K-W Lee & P Cohen
      Nuclear effects: unexpected intracellular actions of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3
      Journal of Endocrinology175 33-40 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • S Mohan & D J Baylink
      IGF binding proteins are multifunctional and act via IGF- dependent and IGF-independent mechanisms
      Journal of Endocrinology175 19-31 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
    • K M Kelley, K E Schmidt, L Berg, K Sak, M M Galima, C Gillespie, L Balogh, A Hawayek, J A Reyes & M Jamison
      Comparative endocrinology of the insulin-like growth factor-binding protein
      Journal of Endocrinology175 3-18 (October 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
  • MINI-REVIEW: G Baumann and S J Frank
    Metalloproteinases and the modulation of growth hormone signalling
    Journal of Endocrinology174 361-368 (September 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: S A Bustin
    Quantification of mRNA using real-time RT-PCR: trends and problems
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology29 23-39 (August 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: A Levy
    Physiological implications of pituitary trophic activity
    Journal of Endocrinology174 147-155 (August 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: D H Abbott, D A Dumesic & S Franks
    Developmental origin of polycystic ovary syndrome – a hypothesis
    Journal of Endocrinology174 1-5 (July 2002) [Abstract] [PDF]
    Recent insights into the origins of adrenal and sex steroid receptors
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology28 149-152 (June 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: J E Compston
    Bone marrow and bone: a functional unit
    Journal of Endocrinology173 387-394 (June 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: A M Corbacho, G Mart±nez de la Escalera & C Clapp
    Roles of prolactin and related members of the prolactin / growth hormone / placental lactogen family in angiogenesis
    Journal of Endocrinology173 219-238 (May 2002) [Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: C Yding Andersen
    New possible mechanism of cortisol action in female reproductive organs; physiological implications of the free hormone hypothesis.
    Journal of Endocrinology173 211-217 (May 2002) [Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: W Y Almawi & O K Melemedjian
    Negative Regulation of NF-κΒ Activation and Function by Glucocorticoids
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology28 69-78 (April 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: C A McArdle, J Franklin, L Green and J N Hislop
    Signalling, cycling and desensitisation of gonadotrophin- releasing hormone receptors
    Journal of Endocrinology173 1-11 (April 2002) [Abstract] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: M R Schneider, E Wolf, A Hoeflich & H Lahm
    IGF-binding protein-5: flexible player in the IGF system and effector on its own
    Journal of Endocrinology172 423-440 (March 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: L E Pritchard, A V Turnbull & A White
    Pro-opiomelanocortin processing in the hypothalamus: impact on melanocortin signalling and obesity
    Journal of Endocrinology172 411-421 (March 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: A B Bicknell
    Identification of the adrenal protease that cleaves pro- γ-MSH: the dawning of a new era in adrenal physiology?
    Journal of Endocrinology172 405-410 (March 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: M I McCarthy
    Susceptibility gene discovery for common metabolic and endocrine traits
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology28 1-17 (February 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
  • REVIEW: K Hardy & S Spanos
    Growth factor expression and function in the human and mouse preimplantation embryo
    Journal of Endocrinology172 221-236 (February 2002)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: K L Hull & S Harvey
    GH as a co-gonadotropin: the relevance of correlative changes in GH secretion and reproductive state
    Journal of Endocrinology172 1-19 (January 2002)[Abstract] [PDF]
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