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  • REVIEW: C S Choong & E M Wilson
    Trinucleotide repeats in the human androgen receptor: a molecular basis for disease
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology21 235-257 (December 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: J F Laycock and J Hanoune
    From vasopressin receptor to water channel: intracellular traffic, constraint and by-pass
    Journal of Endocrinology159 361-372 (December 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
    A question of faith - or the philosophy of RNA controls
    Journal of Endocrinology159 197-200 (November 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: L J Murphy
    Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins: functional diversity or redundancy?
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology21 97-107 (October 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: T Yamashita, A Nifuji, K Furuya, Y Nabeshima and M Noda
    Elongation of the epiphyseal trabecular bone in transgenic mice carrying Klotho gene locus mutation which leads to a syndrome
    resembling aging
    Journal of Endocrinology159 1-8 (October1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: M Wallis, A Lioupis and O C Wallis
    Duplicate growth hormone genes in sheep and goat
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology21 1-5 (August 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: A Bateman and H P J Bennett
    Granulins: structure and function relationships of a novel growth factor family
    Journal of Endocrinology158 145-151(August 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: J J Feige, I Vilgrain, C Brand, S Bailly & S Souchelnitskiy
    Fine tuning of adrenocortical functions by locally produced growth factors
    Journal of Endocrinology158 7-19 (July 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: A H Lane & P K Donahoe
    New insights into Mullerian inhibiting substance and its mechanism of action
    Journal of Endocrinology158 1-6 (July 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: G R Williams, H Robson & S M Shalet
    Thyroid hormone actions on cartilage and bone: interactions with other hormones at the epiphyseal plate and effects on linear growth
    Journal of Endocrinology157 391-403 (June 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: K L Gatford, A R Egan, I J Clarke & P C Owens
    Sexual dimorphism of the somatotrophic axis
    Journal of Endocrinology157 373-389 (June 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: D A Day & M F Tuite
    Post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanisms in eukaryotes: an overview
    Journal of Endocrinology157 361-371 (June 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: J A Russell & G Leng
    Sex, parturition and motherhood without oxytocin?
    Journal of Endocrinology157 343-359 (June 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: C V Clevenger, D O Freier and J B Kline
    Prolactin receptor signal transduction in cells of the immune system
    Journal of Endocrinology157 187-197 (May 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: N J L Gittoes
    Current perspectives on the pathogenesis of clinically non-functioning pituitary tumours
    Journal of Endocrinology157 177-186 (May 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: J Novotny & P Svoboda
    The long (Gsα-L) and short (Gsα-S) variants of the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding protein. Do they behave in an identical
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology20 163-173 (April 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: G P Risbridger
    Recent progress in our understanding of inhibin in the prostate gland
    Journal of Endocrinology157 1-4 (April 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: H Lou & R F Gagel
    Alternative RNA processing - its role in regulating expression of calcitonin/calcitonin gene-related peptide
    Journal of Endocrinology156 401-405 (March 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: H Lejeune, R Habert & J M Saez
    Origin, proliferation and differentiation of Leydig cells
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology20 1-25 (February 1998)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: C Barberis, B Mouillac & T Durroux
    Structural bases of vasopressin/oxytocin receptor function
    Journal of Endocrinology156 223-229 (February 1998)[Abstract][PDF]

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