FREE Archive 1996

  • REVIEW: P R Shepherd, B T Nav± and S O'Rahilly
    The role of phosphoinositide 3-kinase in insulin signalling
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology17 175-184 (December 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: R Landgraf
    Antisense targeting in behavioural neuroendocrinology
    Journal of Endocrinology151 333-340 (December 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: T Florio and G Schettini
    Multiple intracellular effectors modulate physiological functions of the cloned somatostatin receptors
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology17 89-100 (October 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: J M Bentel and W D Tilley
    Androgen receptors in prostate cancer
    Journal of Endocrinology151 1-11 (October 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: C K Glass
    Some new twists in the regulation of gene expression by thyroid hormone and retinoic acid receptors
    Journal of Endocrinology150 349-357 (September 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: R G Sutcliffe, A J Russell, C R W Edwards and A M Wallace
    Human 3±-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase: genes and phenotypes
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology17 1-5 (August 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: M D Schaller
    The focal adhesion kinase
    Journal of Endocrinology150 1-7 (July 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: M A Hauser and J S Chamberlain
    Progress towards gene therapy for duchenne muscular dystrophy
    Journal of Endocrinology149 373-378 (June 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: J A Toretsky and L J Helman
    Involvement of insulin-like growth factor II in human cancer
    Journal of Endocrinology149 367-372 (June 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: A Costa, A Poma, P Navarra, M L Forsling and A Grossman
    Gaseous transmitters as new agents in neuroendocrine regulation
    Journal of Endocrinology149 199-207 (May 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: D R Mann and H M Fraser
    The neonatal period: a critical interval in male primate development
    Journal of Endocrinology149 191-197 (May 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: S Boonen, J Aerssens and J Dequeker
    Age-related endocrine deficiencies and fractures of the proximal femur. II Implications of vitamin D deficiency in the elderly
    Journal of Endocrinology149 13-17 (April 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: S Boonen, J Aerssens and J Dequeker
    Age-related endocrine deficiencies and fractures of the proximal femur. I Implications of growth hormone deficiency in the elderly
    Journal of Endocrinology149 7-12 (April 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
    Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoid resistance
    Journal of Endocrinology149 1-5 (April 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: P J Fuller and S Lim-Tio
    Aldosterone action, sodium channels and inherited disease
    Journal of Endocrinology148 387-390 (March 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: C Chen, D Wu and I J Clarke
    Signal transduction systems employed by synthetic GH-releasing peptides in somatotrophs
    Journal of Endocrinology148 381-386 (March 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • REVIEW: V S±nchez-Margalet, M Lucas and R Goberna
    Pancreastatin: further evidence for its consideration as a regulatory peptide
    Journal of Molecular Endocrinology16 1-8 (February 1996)[Abstract][PDF]
  • COMMENTARY: R I McLachlan, N G Wreford, L O'Donnell, D M de Kretser and D M Robertson
    The endocrine regulation of spermatogenesis: independent roles for testosterone and FSH
    Journal of Endocrinology148 1-9 (January 1996)[Abstract][PDF]

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