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  1. ...insulin resistance and lipotoxicity can be treated with ginsenoside Rg3, which acts though the STAT5-PPAR gamma pathway in vivo and in vitro. 235 Correspondence should be addressed to H G Lee or J-K Min or Y-J Park Email [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] Key Words: f ginse ~~~
  2. ...insulin resistance (Bjorbaek et  al. 1998, Mori et al. 2004, Howard & Flier 2006, Jorgensen et al. 2013), an increased SOCS3 expression may simply indicate an acute effect of exercise caused by cytokine/ hormone secretion. In fact, chronic exercise causes no changes or even a reduction in the SOCS3 ~~~
  3. ...insulin resistance ~~~
  4. ...insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) as a parameter that allows to estimate the insulin sensitivity/resistance was determined as = ((fasting insulin (ng/mL)) × (fasting glucose (mmol/L)))/22.5 as previously reported (Muniyappa et al. 2008). Statistical analysis Results are presented as mean ± standard error ~~~
  5. ...insulin resistance and enhanced energy metabolism. In the epididymal white adipose tissue (eWAT), eplerenone prevented obesity-induced accumulation of F4/80+CD11c+CD206−M1-adipose tissue macrophage (ATM) and reduction of F4/80+CD11c−CD206+-M2-ATM. Interestingly, M1-macrophage exhibited lower express ~~~
  6. ...insulin resistance and insufficient insulin secretion (Barker et al. 1993, Hales & Barker 2001, Kasuga 2006). Interestingly, children and adults that were formerly SGA fetuses develop insulin resistance (Jensen et al. 2002, Mericq et al. 2005, Mathai et al. 2012, Milovanovic et al. 2014). Insulin se ~~~
  7. ...insulin resistance and diabetes (Kharitonenkov et  al. 2005, Kharitonenkov & Shanafelt 2008, Kim & Lee 2014, Samms et al. 2015). Importantly, it exerts the majority of its systemic beneficial effects via its actions in AT. Indeed, in the absence of intact receptor signaling in AT, the majority of FG ~~~
  8. ...insulin resistance (IR) in 50 peripheral tissues such as the liver and muscle. The aetiology of bone fragility in T2DM is 51 unclear. Indeed, bone mineral density is normal or slightly elevated in T2DM despite an 52 increase risk of femoral neck fracture, suggesting alterations of bone "quality" rat ~~~
  9. ...insulin resistance ~~~
  10. ...insulin resistance upon loss of ovarian function . American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism 308 E621 –E 630 . ( doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00458.2014 ) ↵ Crotti TN , Dharmapatni AA , Alias E & Haynes DR 2015 Osteoimmunology: major and costimulatory pathway expression associated with ~~~
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