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  1. ...adrenal cortex ~~~
  2. ...adrenal cortex to respond to hormonal stimuli. In Familial (or isolated) Glucocorticoid 53 Deficiency adrenal hormone output is preserved apart from a specific deficit of 54 glucocorticoids. Normally, under the control of hypothalamic Corticotropin Releasing 55 Page 2 of 41 Hormone (CRH) and arginin ~~~
  3. ...adrenal cortex and gonads, as well as in neurons of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus. Histological markers of the fetal adrenal zone (or X-zone in rodents) were still present in adult males and postpartum SF1 Socs3 KO females, suggesting a previously unrecognized effect of SOCS3 on the t ~~~
  4. ...adrenal cortex ~~~
  5. ...adrenal cortex ~~~
  6. ...adrenal cortex ~~~
  7. ...adrenal cortex (Bergenstal  et  al. 1960). Recently, several studies have noted the effect of MTT on mitochondrial machinery. In a previous study, performed in the H295R cell line, we demonstrated in a total cell extract or in a mitochondria-enriched fraction that MTT treatment interfered with the e ~~~
  8. ...adrenal cortex synthesise the corticosteroids aldosterone, cortisol and corticosterone (rats, mice) and in humans, the adrenal androgens androstenedione, dehydroepiandrostenedione sulphate and 11β-hydroxyandrostenedione via a well-characterised steroid biosynthetic enzyme pathway (Baker 2004). Aldos ~~~
  9. ...adrenal cortex and it regulates Na+, K+ and Cl− balance in the body mainly by acting on the distal part of the renal nephron (which normally includes distal convoluted tubules (DCTs), connecting tubules and collecting duct). Although NaCl reabsorbed in the distal segment represents only a fraction o ~~~
  10. ...adrenal cortex ~~~
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