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  1. ...Sox2 and Prop1, but also of genes encoding various 235 transcriptional effectors of the WNT, Hippo and SHH pathways (Zhu et al. 2006; Li et al. 2012a; 236 Nantie et al. 2014) (see below). 237 Amongst the other NOTCH downstream effectors, HES1 has been shown important to sustain 238 proliferation of ~~~
  2. ...Sox2 Lhc3/4 Six6 Wnt4 Tcf4 β-catenin Gli1/3 Notch2/3 Jag1 Hes1 progenitorpituitary Pitx1 transcripts and circulating TSH and T4 in the normal range (Castinetti et al. 2011). In these animals, induction of hypothyroidism (by low iodine diet and oral propylthiouracil) results in a blunted TSH response ~~~
  3. ...Sox2 Introduction Craniopharyngiomas (CPs) are non-malignant epithelial tumours of the sellar region. Although the overall incidence is low (1.60–2.14 new cases/million per year), they are the most common tumour of this area in children under 15 years of age (1.53–2.92) ( Nielsen et al . 2011 , Mull ~~~
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  7. ...Sox2 Pluripotency fa Nanog Pluripotency fa Rex1 Inner cell mass Fgf5 Epiblast markeregulated by the transcription factor Tead4. Tead4 mutants are capable of producing ESC but fail to produce the trophectoderm lineage or TSC (Yagi et al. 2007). Moreover, disruption of the Tead4 gene after implantatio ~~~
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