Altered VEGF-stimulated Ca2+ signaling in part underlies pregnancy-adapted eNOS activity in UAEC

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  • Supplementary Figure 1 - Dose dependent effect of U73122 on eNOS phosphorylation. NP-UAEC (n=4 per dose) and P-UAEC (n=4 per dose) were pretreated for 5 minutes with 0.1, 1 or 10 uM U73122 followed by VEGF-165 (10 ng/ml) treatment for 10 min, and phospho-specific western blot analyses of eNOS at sites Ser-1179 (A) Thr-497 (B), Ser-617 (C) and Ser-635 (D) were performed; representative blots are shown. Results were normalized to total Hsp90 protein and expressed as a percentage of the VEGF-165 response without U73122. Values are means ± SE (*P<0.05 compared with VEGF-165 without U73122). (PDF 181 KB)
  • Supplementary Figure 2 - U73122 pretreatment slightly reduces VEGF-165-stimulated ERK phosphorylation in P-UAEC. At the 10 uM dose (20-minute pretreatment) of U73122, both ERK1 and ERK2 phosphorylation are reduced when compared to control (n=4-6 per dose) (10 ng/ml VEGF-165). Results are expressed as mean ±SE, normalized to VEGF-165 alone (* P<0.05). (PDF 179 KB)

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