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Contents: August 1976, Volume 70, Number 2   [Index by Author]       Other Issues:  
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M Katz and PJ Carr
Abnormal luteinizing hormone response patterns to synthetic gonadotrophin releasing hormone in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 163-171. [Abstract]  

R Auty, RA Branch, EN Cole, D Levine, and L Ramsay
Prolactin, diuretics and urinary electrolytes in normal subjects
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 173-181. [Abstract]  

WB Wehrenberg, SF Gottlieb, and ED Albrecht
Ageing and ovarian delta 5-3 beta-hydrosteroid dehydrogenase in the pregnant mouse
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 183-187. [Abstract]  

AK Roy
Effect of cyproterone acetate on androgen-dependent synthesis of alpha2u globulin in rats
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 189-195. [Abstract]  

AP Scott, PJ Lowry, and TB Van Wimersma Greidanus
Incorporation of 14C-labelled amino acids into corticotrophin-like intermediate lobe peptide and alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone by the rat pituitary neurointermediate lobe in vitro, and the identification of four new pars intermedia peptides
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 197-205. [Abstract]  

M Dalle and P Delost
Plasma and adrenal cortisol concentrations in foetal, newborn and mother guinea-pigs during the perinatal period
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 207-214. [Abstract]  

M Salmenpera, AI Kahri, and A Saure
Effects of corticosterone on adrenocorticotrophin-induced mitochondrial differentiation with special reference to 11 beta- and 18-hydroxylation
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 215-222. [Abstract]  

HC Parkington and A Lipton
Sustained effects on synthetic ovarian steroids of rat myometrial contractility
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 223-227. [Abstract]  

FH Comhaire and A Vermeulen
Testosterone concentration in the fluids of seminiferous tubules, the interstitium and the rete testis of the rat
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 229-235. [Abstract]  

DT Baird and RJ Scaramuzzi
Changes in the secretion of ovarian steroid and pituitary luteinizing hormone in the peri-ovulatory period in the ewe: the effect of progesterone
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 237-245. [Abstract]  

E Steel and RA Hinde
Effect of a skeleton photoperiod on the daylength-dependent response to oestrogen in canaries (Serinus canarius)
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 247-254. [Abstract]  

PA Thorpe and J Herbert
Studies on the duration of the breeding season and photorefractoriness in female ferrets pinealectomized or treated with melatonin
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 255-262. [Abstract]  

M Rajalakshmi and MR Prasad
Stimulation of nucleic acid and protein synthesis in the epididymis and accessory organs of the rat by testosterone
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 263-273. [Abstract]  

WD Joslyn, K Wallen, and RW Goy
Advancement of ovulation in the guinea-pig with exogenous progesterone and related effects on length of the oestrous cycle and life span of the corpus luteum
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 275-283. [Abstract]  

GL Rigler, GT Peake, and A Ratner
Effects of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone on ovarian cyclic AMP and prostaglandin E in vivo in rats treated with indomethacin
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 285-291. [Abstract]  

M Dharmamba and J Maetz
Branchial sodium exchange in seawater-adapted Tilapia mossambica: effects of prolactin and hypophysectomy
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 293-299. [Abstract]  

R Welschen and J Dullaart
Administration of antiserum against ovine follicle-stimulating hormone or ovine luteinizing hormone at pro-poestrus in the rat: effects on follicular development during the oncoming cycle
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 301-306. [Abstract]  

A Spat, Z Polgar, G Koltai, and K Revai
Acute effect of reduced renal perfusion pressure on aldosterone secretion rate in the rat
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 307-308.  

CA Alvarez Ugarte, G Soriano, JM Giglio, and CE Bozzini
Effect of parasympathetic denervation or duct ligation of rat submandibular glands on extrarenal erythropoietin production
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 309-310.  

J Shani, Y Givant, G Goldhaber, and FG Sulman
Multiphasic prolactin release and mammary development in virgin rats after prolonged treatment with perphenazine or perphenazine sulphoxide
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 311-312.  

DC Marcusen and RW Heninger
Effect of ascorbic acid on the pituitary-thyroid system in the rat
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 313-319.  

SW Lamberts and JC Birkenhager
Effect of bromocriptine in pituitary-dependent Cushing's syndrome
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 315-316.  

RJ Baranczuk and T Fainstat
Progesterone-induced ovulation of the hamster ovary in vitro
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 317-318.  

JE Booth
Effects of 19-hydroxylated androgens on sexual differentiation in the neonatal female rat
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 319-320.  

CT Jones
Hypoglycaemia as a stimulus for adrenocorticotrophin secretion in foetal sheep
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 321-322.  

AJ Bradley, IR McDonald, and AK Lee
Corticosteroid-binding globulin and mortality in a dasyurid marsupial
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 323-324.  

H Elvidge, Challis, JR, JS Robinson, C Roper, and GD Thorburn
Influence of handling and sedation on plasma cortisol in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 325-326.  

CT Jones and D Rurak
Absence of a correlation between the secretion of adrenocorticotrophin and vasopressin in foetal sheep
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 327-328.  

M Milone and RK Rastogi
Effect of testosterone upon the beta-glucuronidase activity of some target tissues of the frog, Rana esculenta
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 329-330.  

E Mulder, MJ Peters, WM Van Beurden, M Galdieri, FF Rommerts, FH Janszen, and HJ Van der Molen
Androgen receptors in isolated cell preparations obtained from rat testicular tissue
J Endocrinol 1976 70: 331-332.  

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