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PJ Dolphin, AH Merry, KA Munday, and M Akhtar
Oestrogen-stimulated lipid biosynthesis in Xenopus laevis
J Endocrinol 1972 53: li.  

D Gibbens, NR Boyd, and T Chard
Spurt release of oxytocin during human labour
J Endocrinol 1972 53: liv.  

DM Ensor, MR Edmondson, and JG Phillips
Prolactin and dehydration in rats
J Endocrinol 1972 53: lix.  

SC Sharma and RJ Fitzpatrick
A new method for the production of antibody to oxytocin
J Endocrinol 1972 53: lv.  

GP Biro, ML Forsling, MJ Martin, and RW Wilmott
Relative rates of release and clearance of neurophysin and vasopressin in the dog
J Endocrinol 1972 53: lvi.  

BP Setchell and DJ Sirinathsinghji
Antigonadotrophic activity in rete testis fluid, a possible 'inhibin'
J Endocrinol 1972 53: lx.  

AP Payne and HH Swanson
The effect of sex hormones on aggression in the male golden hamster
J Endocrinol 1972 53: lxi.  

JC Rankin and DT Davies
Vascular actions of catecholamines and adrenergic blocking agents in perfused dogfish gills
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xl.  

AM Cheema and AJ Matty
The relationship of thyroid-stimulating hormone to the altered thyroid gland activity of alloxan-diabetic and insulin-treated rats
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xl-a.  

JL Day
Detection of glucagon in urine by radioimmunoassay studies in normal and diabetic subjects
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xli.  

RS Snart, Z A'cs, and RE Shepherd
Subcellular distribution of high affinity binding sites for ( 3 H)corticosterone in rat liver
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xlix.  

AD Perris
Calcium-dependent changes in rat bone marrow mitosis induced by erythropoietin
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xlix-a.  

PE Lewis and TG Taylor
The response of the 1- and 2-day-old chick to exogenous parathyroid hormone
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xlv.  

R Swaminathan, RF Bates, and AD Care
Fresh evidence for the physiological role of calcitonin in calcium homeostasis
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xlvi.  

SL Russell and GH Thomas
Oestrogen metabolism and oestradiol-17 receptors in cultured uterus
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxix.  

PD Smith and SR Stitch
A rapid semi-automated method for the determination of urinary oestriol in late pregnancy by gas-liquid chromatography
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxv.  

CW Burke and DC Anderson
Interrelationships of unbound testosterone and oestradiol in human serum at 37 degrees C, and a biological role for sex-hormone-binding globulin
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxvi.  

PL Taylor, P Thomas, and PM Stevenson
The function of malate in ovarian steroidogenesis
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxx.  

PM Stevenson and P Thomas
The effect of prostaglandin F 2 on the utilization of (6- 14 C)glucose by the superovulated rat ovary
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxx-a.  

BJ Whitehouse and GP Vinson
The biosynthesis of aldosterone in the rat adrenal cortex
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxxi.  

Daly, JR, L Bitensky, N Loveridge, and J Chayen
Preliminary assessment of a highly sensitive bioassay in vitro for corticotrophin
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxxiv.  

R Penn and J Sadow
Investigation into effects of corticotrophin given daily to rats over a long period
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxxix.  

K Mukherjee and GI Swyer
Plasma cortisol and adrenocorticotrophic hormone in normal non-pregnant individuals and in normal and toxaemic pregnancies
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxxv.  

HS Jacobs, GE Abraham, EJ Glasser, K Hopper, and JJ Kondon
17 -Hydroxyprogesterone and testosterone levels in congenital adrenal hyperplasia: effect of treatment with cortisone acetate, dexamethasone and corticotrophin
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxxvi.  

NA Wright and D Appleton
The action of dexamethasone on the adrenal cortex
J Endocrinol 1972 53: xxxvii.  

PM Bottari and S Wesel
Plasma nd urinary androgens in medroxyprogesterone acetate-treated women
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 27-28.  

MJ Reed, K Fotherby, SJ Steele, and J Addison
In-vivo and in-vitro metabolism of ethynyloestradiol
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 28-29.  

MJ O'Hare and AM Neville
Differentiated function of rat adrenocortical cells in culture
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 32-33.  

AJ Milner
The effects of ethidium bromide on the corticotrophin-induced transformation of mitochondria in rat adrenal cortical cells grown in tissue culture
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 33-34.  

LH Rees, AP Scott, JG Ratcliffe, and GM Besser
Corticotrophin-like peptide concentrations in the intermediate lobe of rat and guinea-pig pituitaries
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 38-39.  

JA Parsons, MR Dashwood, DR Bangham, and CJ Robinson
A rapid and sensitive hypercalcaemic assay for parathyroid hormone using the chicken
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 43-45.  

S Bloom, JG Millar, JD Nabarro, R Piyasena, and GS Spathis
Glucagon stimulation of the anterior pituitary
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 43.  

RA Johnson
Juvenile hormone levels during the development of locusts
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 52-53.  

A Darragh, RF Lambe, and DA O'Kelly
Acquired idiopathic hypothalamic insensitivity
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 53-54.  

A Darragh, RF Lambe, and DA O'Kelly
The correction of amenorrhoea in treated cases of anorexia nervosa
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 53.  

A Hanwell and JL Linzell
Evaluation of the cardiac output in the rat by prolactin and growth hormone
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 57-58.  

IR Falconer
The distribution of 131 I- or 125 I-labelled prolactin in rabbit mammary tissue after intravenous or intraductal injection
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 58-59.  

PF Brain
Effects of isolation on adrenocortical and gonadal function in male and female golden hamsters
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 62-63.  

ID Cooke, CA Morgan, and TE Parry
Correlation of endometrial biopsy and plasma progesterone in infertile women
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 63-64.  

TG Taylor and PE Lewis
Changes in the plasma level of calcitonin in the chick embryo during incubation
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 67-68.  

M Phillippo, GA Lincoln, and CB Lawrence
The relationship between thyroidal calcitonin and seasonal and reproductive change in the stag (Cervus elaphus L.)
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 68-69.  

Smith FG, Jr, DP Alexander, RM Buckle, HG Britton, and DA Nixon
Parathyroid hormone in foetal and adult sheep: the effect of hypocalcaemia
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 339-348.  

JL Burton, C Johnson, L Libman, and S Shuster
Skin virilism in women with hrsutism
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 349-354.  

K Brown-Grant and AW Rogers
The sites of iodide concentration in the oviduct and the uterus of the rat
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 355-362.  

K Brown-Grant, PN John, and AW Rogers
Analysis of the effects of progesterone on the synthesis of RNA and protein in the uterus of the ovariectomized rat and on the development of an iodide concentrating mechanism
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 363-374.  

PN John and AW Rogers
The distribution of ( 3 H)progesterone and ( 3 H)megestrol acetate in the uterus of the ovariectomized rat
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 375-387.  

GB Makara, E Stark, J Marton, and T Meszaros
Corticotrophin release induced by surgical trauma after transection of various afferent nervous pathways to the hypothalamus
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 389-395.  

B Robinson and RE Oakey
Oestrogen synthesis in rat ovaries in vitro: effects of endogenous and exogenous gonadotrophins
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 397-406.  

H Rochman, LA Varnavides, and PR Hawley
The degradation of human placental lactogen in normal and nephrectomized dogs
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 407-417.  

M Phillippo, CB Lawrence, JB Bruce, and DR Donaldson
Feeding and calcitonin secretion in sheep
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 419-424.  

AR Adamson and SW Jamieson
Urinary excretion of sodium and potassium in relation to plasma aldosterone concentration
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 425-431.  

GB Sangalang, B Truscott, and DR Idler
A comparison of steroidogenesis in vitro in two teleosts, the marine herring, Clupea, and the freshwater Atlantic salmon, Salmo
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 433-446.  

G Irving, DE Jones, and A Knifton
Progesterone concentration in the peripheral plasma of pregnant goats
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 447-452.  

DH Ramsey and HA Bern
Stimulation by ovine prolactin of fluid transfer in everted sacs of rat small intestine
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 453-459.  

FH de Jong and HJ van der Molen
Determination of dehydroepiandrosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate in human plasma using electron capture detection of 4-androstene-3,6,17-trione after gas-liquid chromatography
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 461-474.  

M de Luise, TJ Martin, PB Greenberg, and V Michelangeli
Metabolism of porcine, human and salmon calcitonin in the rat
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 475-482.  

HL Buttle, IA Forsyth, and GS Knaggs
Plasma prolactin measured by radioimmunoassay and bioassay in pregnant and lactating goats and the occurrence of a placental lactogen
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 483-491.  

FR Blatchley and BT Donovan
The effect of prostaglandin F 2 and prostaglandin E 2 upon luteal function and ovulation in the guinea-pig
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 493-501.  

E Tal, S Biran, and FG Sulman
Influence of propranolol on serum thyroxine in the rat
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 503-504.  

D Lister, JN Lucke, and BN Perry
Investigation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in mesomorphic types of pig
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 505-506.  

M Takayama and GS Greenwald
Hormonal requirements for the maintenance of deciduomata and pregnancy in the same rat
J Endocrinol 1972 53: 507-508.  

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