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PJ Sharp
The effect of hypothalamic lesions on gonadotrophin release in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl.  

RJ Heitzman and GD Baird
The effects of glucocorticoid administration on hepatic intermediary metabolism, blood glucose levels and milk yield in the dairy cow
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-a.  

ME Manson, CH Shackleton, RW Kelly, and FL Mitchell
The ratio of 17 alpha- to 17 beta-androstenediol in the foetus, infant and adult
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-b.  

JK Burns and M Ryan
Effects of oestrogens on serum glycoproteins
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-c.  

JS Biggs and A Klopper
Oestriol in amniotic fluid. Variation in concentration over short periods in the same patients
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-d.  

AJ Matty and K Deutsch
The ultrastructure of the thyroid of the hagfish, Myxine glutinosa
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-e.  

A Fairney
Calcium homeostasis in mature rats and their offspring
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-f.  

NJ Woodhouse, TV Gudmundsson, L Galante, A Nadarajah, RM Buckle, GF Joplin, and I MacIntyre
Biochemical studies on four patients with medullary carcinoma of the thyroid
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-g.  

PF Dixon
A new semi-automated method for the estimation of total urinary oestrogens in pregnancy
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-h.  

RF Bates, J Bruce, and AD Care
Measurement of calcitonin secretion rate in the goose
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-i.  

MB Clark, GW Boyd, PG Byfield, and GV Foster
A radioimmunoassay for calcitonin M
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-j.  

HA Bern and K Lederis
A reference preparation for the study of active substances in the caudal neurosecretory system of teleosts
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-k.  

FC Bartter and IH Mills
The effect of oxytocin on sodium excretion
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-l.  

S Kovacs, WA Cocks, and R Balazs
Effect of thyroid hormone administration on the incorporation of (1-14C) leucine into protein of rat pituitary and hypothalamas during development
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-m.  

BT Martin, BA Cooke, and WP Black
Evaluation of a competitive protein-binding method for determining progesterone in peripheral plasma
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-n.  

JM Robson, FM Sullivan, and C Wilson
The effect of naturally occurring amines on pregnancy in mice
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-o.  

MA James, T Chard, and ML Forsling
A new assay for oxytocinase: studies in vivo and in vitro
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-p.  

R Edwards, MG Brush, and RW Taylor
The uptake and intracellular distribution of (1,2-3H)progesterone by human endometrium
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-q.  

E Hervey, GR Hervey, I Hutchinson, and JD Jeffery
Evidence for suppression of oestrogen output as the mechanism of action of progestational steroids on body weight in female rats
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-r.  

J Buckler
Problems of specificity of radioimmunoassay of luteinizing hormone
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-t.  

AG Pearse
The calcitonin secreting C cells and their relationship to the APUD cell series
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-u.  

RP Michael and TM Plant
Loss of potency in male rhesus monkeys when paired with females receiving contraceptive steroids
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-v.  

DB Morton
Influence of oxytocin on transport of spermatozoa in ovariectomized female rabbits
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-w.  

A Livingston
Ultrastructure of the rabbit neural lobe after freeze-etching
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-x.  

IM Shirley and BA Cooke
Localization of dehydroepiandrosterone sulphokinase and 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-isomerase activities in the human foetal adrenal gland
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-y.  

MM Shahwan, RE Oakey, and SR Stitch
Androgen biosynthesis from C21 steroids by adrenal glands of newborn anencephalic infants
J Endocrinol 1969 45: Suppl-z.  

SY Chow, LR Chang, and MS Yen
A comparison between the uptakes of radioactive perchlorate and iodide by rat and guinea-pig thyroid glands
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 1-8.  

BG Miller and CW Emmens
The oestrogenic potency in the mouse of several substances closely related to diethylstilboestrol and meso-hexoestrol
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 9-15.  

OW Smith, AP Wade, and FM Dean
Uroterpenol, a Pettenkofer chromogen of dietary origin and a common constituent of human urine
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 17-28.  

RH Naqvi and DC Johnson
Increased production of follicle-stimulating hormone in immature female rats by a single injection of androgen or oestrogen
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 29-36.  

EP Giorgi, M Addis, and G Colombo
The fate of free and conjugated oestrogens injected into the Graffian follicle of equines
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 37-50.  

PG McDonald and DP Gilmore
Effects of ovarian steroids on the norethisterone-blockade of ovulation in the rat
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 51-56.  

CA Finn and L Martin
Hormone secretion during early pregnancy in the mouse
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 57-65.  

R Stupnicki, JA McCracken, and KI Williams
Progesterone metabolism in the ewe
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 67-74.  

PH Jellinck and M Garland
Endocrine control of the metabolism of oestradiol by rat liver microsomes
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 75-81.  

H Lesnik, JW Guzek, and WZ Traczyk
The release of antidiuretic hormone from the pituitary stalk after intravenous calcium chloride or magnesium chloride infusion in rats
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 83-90.  

BT Donovan
The functional capacity of ovarian tissue transplanted to the spleen or kidney in the ferret
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 91-97.  

MJ Carrick and JN Shelton
Oestrogen-progesterone relationships in the induction of oestrus in spayed heifers
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 99-109.  

JS Tindal and GS Knaggs
An ascending pathway for release of prolactin in the brain of the rabbit
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 111-120.  

IA Reid and IR McDonald
The clearance of renin from the peripheral plasma of the marsupial Trichosurus vulpecula
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 121-129.  

MN Sheridan, RJ Reiter, and JJ Jacobs
An interesting anatomical relationship between the hamster pineal gland and the ventricular system of the brain
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 131-132.  

HM Lloyd, KJ Donald, KJ Catt, and HG Burger
Growth hormone concentration in human pituitary tumours
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 133-134.  

DT Baird, A Uno, and JC Melby
Adrenal secretion of androgens and oestrogens
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 135-136.  

JW Doar, DS Maw, RD Simpson, TK Audhya, and V Wynn
The effects of growth hormone on plasma glucose, NEFA, insulin and blood pyruvate levels during intravenous glucose tolerance tests
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 137-138.  

G Dorner, G Hinz, and I Vedder
Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in adult male rats treated with gonadotrophin in neonatal life
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 139-140.  

MK Vaughan, GM Vaughan, and WK O'Steen
Oestrous cycle changes after neonatal injections of 5-hydroxytryptamine in normal and androgen-sterilized female rats
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 141-142.  

WN Smith
Transplacental influence of oestrogen upon ovulatory mechanisms in the rat
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 143-144.  

CA Fox and GS Knaggs
Milk-ejection activity (oxytocin) in peripheral venous blood in man during lactation and in association with coitus
J Endocrinol 1969 45: 145-146.  

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