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JM Kindblom, O Nilsson, T Hurme, C Ohlsson, and L Savendahl
Expression and localization of Indian hedgehog (Ihh) and parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP) in the human growth plate during pubertal development
J Endocrinol 2002 174: R1-R6. [Abstract] [PDF]  

GA Johnson, MM Joyce, SJ Yankey, TR Hansen, and TL Ott
The Interferon Stimulated Genes (ISG) 17 and Mx have different temporal and spatial expression in the ovine uterus suggesting more complex regulation of the Mx gene
J Endocrinol 2002 174: R7-R11. [Abstract] [PDF]  

A Levy
Physiological implications of pituitary trophic activity
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 147-155. [Abstract] [PDF]  

R Racho El-Akouri, G Kurlberg, G Dindelegan, J Molne, A Wallin, and M Brannstrom
Heterotopic uterine transplantation by vascular anastomosis in the mouse
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 157-166. [Abstract] [PDF]  

MK Lindberg, Z Weihua, N Andersson, S Moverare, H Gao, O Vidal, M Erlandsson, S Windahl, G Andersson, DB Lubahn, H Carlsten, K Dahlman-Wright, JA Gustafsson, and C Ohlsson
Estrogen receptor specificity for the effects of estrogen in ovariectomized mice
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 167-178. [Abstract] [PDF]  

JL Crawford and AS McNeilly
Co-localisation of gonadotrophins and granins in gonadotrophs at different stages of the oestrous cycle in sheep
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 179-194. [Abstract] [PDF]  

SB Meroni, MF Riera, EH Pellizzari, and SB Cigorraga
Regulation of rat Sertoli cell function by FSH: possible role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/protein kinase B pathway
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 195-204. [Abstract] [PDF]  

S Greco, A Muscella, MG Elia, P Salvatore, C Storelli, and S Marsigliante
Activation of angiotensin II type I receptor promotes protein kinase C translocation and cell proliferation in human cultured breast epithelial cells
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 205-214. [Abstract] [PDF]  

I Avril, B Blondeau, B Duchene, P Czernichow, and B Breant
Decreased beta-cell proliferation impairs the adaptation to pregnancy in rats malnourished during perinatal life
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 215-223. [Abstract] [PDF]  

H Del Zotto, CL Gomez Dumm, S Drago, A Fortino, GC Luna, and JJ Gagliardino
Mechanisms involved in the beta-cell mass increase induced by chronic sucrose feeding to normal rats
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 225-231. [Abstract] [PDF]  

A Trumper, K Trumper, and D Horsch
Mechanisms of mitogenic and anti-apoptotic signaling by glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide in beta(INS-1)-cells
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 233-246. [Abstract] [PDF]  

WS Zawalich, GJ Tesz, and KC Zawalich
Inhibitors of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase amplify insulin release from islets of lean but not obese mice
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 247-258. [Abstract] [PDF]  

DC Howe, A Gertler, and Challis, JR
The late gestation increase in circulating ACTH and cortisol in the fetal sheep is suppressed by intracerebroventricular infusion of recombinant ovine leptin
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 259-266. [Abstract] [PDF]  

YL Wang-Fisher, J Han, and W Guo
Acipimox stimulates leptin production from isolated rat adipocytes
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 267-272. [Abstract] [PDF]  

EE Ladenheim, LL Hampton, AC Whitney, WO White, JF Battey, and TH Moran
Disruptions in feeding and body weight control in gastrin-releasing peptide receptor deficient mice
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 273-281. [Abstract] [PDF]  

N Murakami, T Hayashida, T Kuroiwa, K Nakahara, T Ida, MS Mondal, M Nakazato, M Kojima, and K Kangawa
Role for central ghrelin in food intake and secretion profile of stomach ghrelin in rats
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 283-288. [Abstract] [PDF]  

KW Siddals, M Westwood, JM Gibson, and A White
IGF-binding protein-1 inhibits IGF effects on adipocyte function: implications for insulin-like actions at the adipocyte
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 289-297. [Abstract] [PDF]  

MP Ramirez-Ponce, JC Mateos, and JA Bellido
Insulin increases the density of potassium channels in white adipocytes: possible role in adipogenesis
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 299-307. [Abstract] [PDF]  

A Shirakami, T Toyonaga, K Tsuruzoe, T Shirotani, K Matsumoto, K Yoshizato, J Kawashima, Y Hirashima, N Miyamura, CR Kahn, and E Araki
Heterozygous knockout of the IRS-1 gene in mice enhances obesity-linked insulin resistance: a possible model for the development of type 2 diabetes
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 309-319. [Abstract] [PDF]  

M Furuhashi, N Ura, H Murakami, M Hyakukoku, K Yamaguchi, K Higashiura, and K Shimamoto
Fenofibrate improves insulin sensitivity in connection with intramuscular lipid content, muscle fatty acid-binding protein, and beta-oxidation in skeletal muscle
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 321-329. [Abstract] [PDF]  

TG Frankenfeld, VM Correa Da Costa, CC Nascimento-Saba, TM Ortiga-Carvalho, RM Santos, PC Lisboa, DP Carvalho, and D Rosenthal
Thyroid and pituitary thyroxine-5'-deiodinase activity and thyrotrophin secretion in lithium-treated rats
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 331-334. [Abstract] [PDF]  

AK Stubbs, NM Wheelhouse, MA Lomax, and DG Hazlerigg
Nutrient-hormone interaction in the ovine liver: methionine supply selectively modulates growth hormone-induced IGF-I gene expression
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 335-341. [Abstract] [PDF]  

JJ Smink, JA Koedam, JG Koster, and SC van Buul-Offers
Dexamethasone-induced growth inhibition of porcine growth plate chondrocytes is accompanied by changes in levels of IGF axis components
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 343-352. [Abstract] [PDF]  

H Uemura, T Yasui, M Kiyokawa, A Kuwahara, H Ikawa, T Matsuzaki, M Maegawa, H Furumoto, and M Irahara
Serum osteoprotegerin/osteoclastogenesis-inhibitory factor during pregnancy and lactation and the relationship with calcium-regulating hormones and bone turnover markers
J Endocrinol 2002 174: 353-359. [Abstract] [PDF]  

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