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T Yamashita, A Nifuji, K Furuya, Y Nabeshima, and M Noda
Elongation of the epiphyseal trabecular bone in transgenic mice carrying a klotho gene locus mutation that leads to a syndrome resembling aging
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 1-8. [Abstract] [PDF]  

IG Camarillo and JA Rillema
Changes in numbers of prolactin receptors during the cell cycle of Nb2 cells
J Endocrinol 1998 159: R1-R4. [Abstract] [PDF]  

MJ Wheeler, YB Zhong, AT Kicman, and SB Coutts
The measurement of testosterone in hair
J Endocrinol 1998 159: R5-R8. [Abstract] [PDF]  

H Kobori, A Ichihara, Y Miyashita, M Hayashi, and T Saruta
Mechanism of hyperthyroidism-induced renal hypertrophy in rats
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 9-14. [Abstract] [PDF]  

FP Dominici, A Balbis, A Bartke, and D Turyn
Role of hyperinsulinemia on hepatic insulin receptor concentration and autophosphorylation in the presence of high growth hormone levels in transgenic mice overexpressing growth hormone gene
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 15-25. [Abstract] [PDF]  

RL van Bezooijen, I Que, AG Ederveen, HJ Kloosterboer, SE Papapoulos, and CW Lowik
Plasma nitrate+nitrite levels are regulated by ovarian steroids but do not correlate with trabecular bone mineral density in rats
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 27-34. [Abstract] [PDF]  

M Fassnacht, F Beuschlein, S Vay, P Mora, B Allolio, and M Reincke
Aminoglutethimide suppresses adrenocorticotropin receptor expression in the NCI-h295 adrenocortical tumor cell line
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 35-42. [Abstract] [PDF]  

YS Huang, K Rousseau, N Le Belle, B Vidal, E Burzawa-Gerard, J Marchelidon, and S Dufour
Insulin-like growth factor-I stimulates gonadotrophin production from eel pituitary cells: a possible metabolic signal for induction of puberty
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 43-52. [Abstract] [PDF]  

Z Yu, CH Lee, C Chinpaisal, and LN Wei
A constitutive nuclear localization signal from the second zinc-finger of orphan nuclear receptor TR2
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 53-60. [Abstract] [PDF]  

MA De Bortoli, MH Garraza, and LI Aguado
Adrenergic intracerebroventricular stimulation affects progesterone concentration in the ovarian vein of the rat: participation of the superior ovarian nerve
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 61-68. [Abstract] [PDF]  

GS Hamilton, JJ Lysiak, AJ Watson, and PK Lala
Effects of colony stimulating factor-1 on human extravillous trophoblast growth and invasion
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 69-77. [Abstract] [PDF]  

N LaPaglia, J Steiner, L Kirsteins, M Emanuele, and N Emanuele
Leptin alters the response of the growth hormone releasing factor- growth hormone--insulin-like growth factor-I axis to fasting
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 79-83. [Abstract] [PDF]  

RJ Arends, R van der Gaag, GJ Martens, SE Wendelaar Bonga, and G Flik
Differential expression of two pro-opiomelanocortin mRNAs during temperature stress in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 85-91. [Abstract] [PDF]  

U Ritzel, U Leonhardt, M Ottleben, A Ruhmann, K Eckart, J Spiess, and G Ramadori
A synthetic glucagon-like peptide-1 analog with improved plasma stability
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 93-102. [Abstract] [PDF]  

U Fingscheidt, GF Weinbauer, HL Fehm, and E Nieschlag
Regulation of gonadotrophin secretion by inhibin, testosterone and gonadotrophin-releasing hormone in pituitary cell cultures of male monkeys
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 103-110. [Abstract] [PDF]  

LG Sheffield
Epidermal growth factor as an autocrine modulator of stress response in mammary epithelial cells
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 111-116. [Abstract] [PDF]  

CS Samuel, JP Coghlan, and JF Bateman
Effects of relaxin, pregnancy and parturition on collagen metabolism in the rat pubic symphysis
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 117-125. [Abstract] [PDF]  

C Heuck and OD Wolthers
A placebo-controlled study of three osteocalcin assays for assessment of prednisolone-induced suppression of bone turnover
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 127-131. [Abstract] [PDF]  

D Rubinger, O Weiss, D Zarfati, MM Popovtzer, and I Raz
The effect of low dose octreotide administration on renal function and on gene expression of IGF-I axis components in experimental diabetes mellitus
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 133-140. [Abstract] [PDF]  

F Amato, AP Simula, LJ Gameau, and RJ Norman
Expression, characterisation and immunoassay of recombinant marmoset chorionic gonadotrophin dimer and beta-subunit
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 141-151. [Abstract] [PDF]  

NS Dissanayake and RS Mason
Modulation of skin cell functions by transforming growth factor-beta1 and ACTH after ultraviolet irradiation
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 153-163. [Abstract] [PDF]  

X Zhou, J De Schepper, D De Craemer, M Delhase, G Gys, J Smitz, and EL Hooghe-Peters
Pituitary growth hormone release and gene expression in cafeteria-diet-induced obese rats
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 165-172. [Abstract] [PDF]  

K Stelwagen, DC van Espen, GA Verkerk, HA McFadden, and VC Farr
Elevated plasma cortisol reduces permeability of mammary tight junctions in the lactating bovine mammary epithelium
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 173-178. [Abstract] [PDF]  

MC Botte, AM Chamagne, MC Carre, R Counis, and ML Kottler
Fetal expression of GnRH and GnRH receptor genes in rat testis and ovary
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 179-189. [Abstract] [PDF]  

NO Vidal, H Brandstrom, KB Jonsson, and C Ohlsson
Osteoprotegerin mRNA is expressed in primary human osteoblast-like cells: down-regulation by glucocorticoids
J Endocrinol 1998 159: 191-195. [Abstract] [PDF]  

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